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A Canadian couple engaged to be married was shot dead by their homeowner Terry Bourassa on their front lawn, with the suspect barricading himself before being killed in a gunfight with police. Authorities were called to the home in the Stoney Creek neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario, at 5:40 p.m. m. Saturday, amid claims that shots were found.

Timothy Bourassa Shot and killed young couple getting ready for marriage Both the 27-year-old woman, an educational assistant at a nearby Catholic school, and her 28-year-old fiancé, an electrician, were discovered dead there.The couple, who have not been named, rented the basement of a house belonging to Terry Bourassa, 57.

Terry Bourassa Age

Terry Bourassa is 57 years old.

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Terry Bourassa Incident Detail

As a result of a “disagreement over problems within the home,” the couple got into a fight with Bourassa, according to Det. Sergeant Steve Bereziuk of the Hamilton Police Major Crimes Unit. They were shot and killed as they were running from the residence. He noted that their laborious nature added to the misery of the situation. Neither the couple nor Bourassa were known to police, Bereziuk confirmed, making what happened “a bit more shocking.”

The killing of the young couple, according to Bereziuk, was quite terrible. As you can probably guess, these are not the people to whom this should be happening. They do not engage in any kind of criminal activity or lead a lifestyle that could result in such an incident. They are truly innocent.

Armed with firearms that he was legally entitled to possess, Bourassa then barricaded himself inside the home. Bereziuk said police spent “considerable time” trying to negotiate a “peaceful resolution” with Bourassa, but opened fire on them around 10 p.m., killing him dead.

The owner of the house on Jones Road, according to Sandra Chaisson, who has lived in the incident area for more than 40 years, purchased it from her grandparents. Bourassa resided in the home for more than 20 years, according to Chaisson, who spoke to CP24 News. ‘

He was really silent. Very composed man. I didn’t see him very often, just to say hello, but it’s been a while,” she remarked.I just knew them from seeing them in the mailbox, but the tenants were in the basement. Chaisson stated she was watching television around.

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