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A well-liked Florida high school teacher and a guy were discovered dead on Saturday morning, and authorities believe that it was a murder-suicide. According to a statement from Port St. Lucie police, they went to a residence to do a wellness check on behalf of a guy who lived there. The door was shut when the officers arrived, but they “could hear a baby inside the residence crying.”

Officers peered through a sliding door and discovered two dead bodies on the ground. According to the police statement, “it appears that at this time, an adult female was killed by an adult male who then took his own life,” they added. Police believe the two “were romantically involved.

Amanda Hicks Age

Amanda Hicks is 55 years old.

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Amanda Hicks Incident Detail

According to Treasure Coast Newspapers and CBS12, Darcia Borel, the principal of Anderson Middle School in Port St. Lucie, sent a message to colleagues identifying the victim as Amanda Hicks, 26, even though the police have not yet released their identity.

While it will be impossible to adequately express the shock and pain this news has caused for our school community, it is crucial now more than ever to support one another as we grieve, according to Borel’s message.

The man’s identify has not been revealed to the public. The guy and woman’s manner of death has not been disclosed by the police. The crying infant was removed from the crib by the police. The infant is presently with a relative and was not hurt.

In an interview with WBPF, Hicks’ friend Raquel Magallon said of her: “She simply lighted up the room. She smiled so broadly and gorgeously. She was constantly joyful and energised. Magallon proclaimed, “She was just an angel,” adding, “she definitely made my day every time she saw her.”

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