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A guy who suffered serious injuries after being violently attacked over the Memorial Day weekend by a group of up to 40 youngsters on a California beach claimed that after he identified himself as a Marine, “they moved on.” When the violent altercation in San Clemente started, Hunter Antonino was peacefully enjoying his vacation away from Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base with two other people.

Antonino claimed that the altercation started when he ordered the teenagers to cease putting off fireworks after being struck in the face by a piece of one of the explosive devices. Two victims were shown in a foetal position on the ground in a horrifying web video as the mob continued to kick them and yell racial epithets at them.

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Hunter Antonino is 37 years old.

Hunter Antonino Incident Detail

Although it is not visible in the pictures, a third Marine was also attacked. According to Orange County sheriff’s officials, the males sustained minor injuries but refused to be taken to a nearby hospital once they were treated. Police are looking into the horrific incident, and the unidentified teenagers may soon be charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for the beating.

Plainclothes Marines are seen attempting to ascend the steps outside the Pier Bowl as a group of students yell at them in the nearly one minute-long video that was uploaded to Facebook.A teenager was observed brutally hitting one of the Marines’ backs as they got closer to the steps. The teen’s companions can then be seen watching as the Marine turns and charges at the attacker, setting into a full-scale brawl.

A full-fledged altercation ensued as the teen’s pals intervened to punch and kick the Marine as he turned and charged at the attacker. The gang quickly surrounded the two Marines while yelling “Get that son of a bitch” and “Fuck that son of a bitch,” at one point even using the N-word. Two of the victims could be seen huddled on the ground as the group proceeded to kick them viciously as the videographer drew nearer to the action.

The conflict was only resolved after two onlookers, an unidentified man and lady, got involved and yelled at the kids, “Stop, what are you doing?” Whatever transpired prior to the video is unknown, however Antonino told KCAL that he had kindly requested the teenagers to calm down.

He recalled, “I went up to them and urged them to stop. They were firing off fireworks, they were confrontational and unpleasant, and they were bothering other people. However, the group pursued him until they reached the dock, whereupon Antonio claimed that he and a companion advised the young Marines to “leave, but they didn’t.”

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