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 Authorities in Pennsylvania say a former high school monitor has been charged with a long list of offences connected to at least one youngster being sexually exploited at the school where she worked. According to a press release from the Northwest Regional Police Department, Megan Carlisle, 37, of Elizabethtown, is charged with one count of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, institutional sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, statutory sexual assault, and disseminating sexual materials to a minor.

Previously, the defendant worked as a paraprofessional and in-school suspension monitor for Elizabethtown Middle School. When the allegations initially arose on May 4, the school district released a statement that said, “We can share that the behaviour was sexual in nature,” according to LancasterOnline. You may trust that we will assist with any ongoing investigations.

Megan Carlisle Age

Megan Carlisle is 24 years old.

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Megan Carlisle Incident Detail

The accused was taken into custody on May 25.Authorities claim that on April 28, while Carlisle was suspended from school, he touched a student. The 15-year-old then allegedly told police that Carlisle sent him and a 16-year-old friend a large number of text messages and Snapchat messages after that.

These texts and mails purportedly discussed having sex and contained obscene pictures and a video of the sender. The Snapchat files were eventually deleted, but the 16-year-old boy is accused of recording them on his own phone and giving that recording to the police, who forensically downloaded it. Police claim that on the evening of April 28, Carlisle picked up the youngster and they had intercourse in her car while it was parked.

According to a probable cause affidavit acquired by Fox station WPMT in York, Pennsylvania, the alleged victim reportedly told police that Carlisle requested her for money for food after their encounter in her car, and she transferred him $20 via CashApp. The affidavit claims that the boy texted Carlisle the next day to inform him that she needed vape pods.

After purchasing four vape pods, the defendant allegedly met the youngster in the same parking lot as the previous evening, gave him the pods, and then left. The NRPD stated in a press statement that “the investigation also discovered that images and videos made by Carlisle were sent to and shared with an unknown number of other students at Elizabethtown School.”

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