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A group of women alleges in a recent lawsuit that the notorious “F-Factor” diet made them seriously ill, in some cases leading to emergency surgery or intestinal bleeding. Eight plaintiffs from different states claim that Tanya Zuckerbrot’s high-fiber diet, which was introduced with a book in 2006 and has won celebrity fans over the years, has caused them serious health problems, the New York Post reports.

The Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit dated Wednesday Oct. 12 alleges that the weight loss program promotes “no upper limit” on fiber intake and allegedly promotes supplements containing heavy metals. The lawsuit claimed that F-Factor is “an ill-conceived and dangerous fad diet” and stated that “excessively high fiber intake is what the defendants sold to the public as the ‘secret to permanent weight loss'”.

Tanya Zuckerbrot Age

Tanya Zuckerbrot is 51 years old.

Incident Detail

Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, a recognized expert in the field of health and wellness, has developed the famous F-FactorTM diet, which she describes as “the most liberating and sustainable approach to weight loss and optimal health based on a scientifically proven fiber. -rich nutrition,” according to the F-Factor website.

‘The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss’ (2006, GP Putnam & Sons) and ‘The Miracle Carbohydrate Diet: Vanish Calories and Fat – with Fiber!’ (2012, Hyperion). are two of Tanya’s best-selling books on weight loss.

She also oversaw the creation of the F-Factor line of high-fiber/protein powders and bars, which have received praise from numerous national publications. According to the lawsuit, F-Factor bars and powders actually contain 20 grams of fiber in a single serving, which is the U.S. Department of Health’s recommended total daily amount of fiber.

It claims that despite this , the products only carry a warning to “use only as directed in the F-Factor Diet book,” rather than any other warning of potential danger, stating that the book costs $17 and is frequently out of stock. Meanwhile, the F-Factor diet is alleged to have caused “significant health problems for consumers and plaintiffs,” including “intestinal obstructions requiring emergency surgery, debilitating gastric pain, eating disorders, [and] severe allergic reactions.” , according to demand. .

The lawsuit mentioned other issues, including intestinal bleeding, liver problems, kidney stones, and missed periods for women. According to the lawsuit, Zuckerbrot and her brand “intentionally misinformed consumers about F-Factor products in order to increase sales.”

The lawsuit claims the nutritionist has intimidated anyone who raises concerns about the negative effects of her diet. In a press release, he referred to negative comments as “rumors and lies,” removed them from social media, threatened legal action against critics, and allegedly hired “a team of internet thugs” to harass critics. complainants.

Since 2020, Zuckerbrot has been involved in a public legal battle with influencer Emily Gellis, claiming that Gellis is trying to destroy her brand by spreading lies about the negative effects of her diet. Both cases are still active. Jordyn Bloom, Zuckerbrot’s niece, also sued Gellis in September for allegedly fabricating claims that her relative had threatened Gellis in an effort to increase her social media following.

That case is still open. Claims that the Zuckerbrot diet is harmful have been dismissed as “hearsay”. A statement from Nathan Werksman, an attorney for the plaintiffs, says: “As alleged in this lawsuit, Plaintiffs seek to hold the F-Factor Defendants liable for selling a dangerous product that injured many people. We hope the truth about the products F-Factor comes to light in this litigation.”

The accusations, according to Zuckerbrot’s attorney, Duncan Levin, have been “refuted over and over again” and are “totally baseless.” Levin stated, “F-Factor Diet has been a huge success, selling hundreds of thousands of units.” Levin said in a statement. “These eight claims are not based on any medical science at all…

This is absolutely frivolous.” at New York University Medical Center. She successfully obtained her CDR Adult Weight Management Training Certificate as well as her CDR Child and Adolescent Weight Management Training Certificate. The nutrition guru has trained the likes of Megyn Kelly and model Olivia Culpo.

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