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Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American prisoner in Iran, has written to the US President to inform him of his decision to go on hunger strike. The letter that his lawyer delivered to national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Friday, January 13, begins with: “All I want, sir, is one minute of your time for the next seven days to think about the plight of the hostages of US in Iran.”

Namazi further writes: “Just one minute of your time for every year of my life I lost in Evin prison after the US government could have saved me but didn’t. “That’s it. Since I’m in this cage, all I have to offer you in return is my additional suffering. Therefore, I will deny myself food for the same seven days, in the hope that by doing so you will not deny me this little petition”.

Siamak Namazi Age

Siamak Namazi  is 51 years old.

Incident Detail

Adding further pain to their misery, Namazi’s father, Baquer, was arrested while trying to meet his son detained by Iranian authorities upon his arrival in 2016. However, Baquer, 86, was allowed to receive treatment that saved his life in the United Arab Emirates in October last year. Siamak is being held for allegedly collaborating with a foreign national and has been in the notorious Evin Prison for the past 7 years.

“How do you describe what it feels like to be stripped of your humanity and treated like some kind of overpriced commodity?” How do I explain the devastation my family and I are left with after so many half-hearted prisoner deals collapsed at the last minute, writes the 51-year-old prisoner. Other US-Iranian prisoners include Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz.

Shahab Dalili White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre indicated earlier in her briefing that she was unfamiliar with Shargi’s case, prompting the frustration of her daughter Hannah, who is also being held for the Islamic country. I don’t understand how I can have faith that my father is going to be home if the White House doesn’t even know his name, she said on “Face the Nation.”

Namazi harshly criticized the president’s office in his lengthy letter: “In the past, I have implored you to reach your moral compass and find the resolve to bring home the American hostages in Iran. To no avail. Not only do we remain prisoners of Iran, but you haven’t even granted our families a reunion, adding: “Only the President of the United States has the power to bring us home, should he set out to do so.”

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