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Sam Smith and Kim Petras Wiki – Sam Smith and Kim Petras Biography

Sam Smith and Kim Petras took the stage on Sunday, February 5, to perform ‘Unholy,’ right after it won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, making Petras the first trans woman to win the award. The song was taken from ‘Gloria’, Smith’s fourth studio album, which was released on January 27.

While Smith was seen in a floor-length coat with red gloves and a satanic horn hat, Petras wore a red minidress performing with whips. , chains and devil horns. Many applauded the performance with one saying, “THIS WAS SO FUCKING POWERFUL. OVER THE MOON FOR YOU.”

Sam Smith and Kim Petras Age

Sam Smith is 30 years old.

Incident Detail

However, there were many who criticized the Grammys for their hypocrisy, as they banned Nicki Minaj from her performance of ‘Roman Holiday’ at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012, but allowed the performance. from ‘Unholy’.

One wrote: “Funny… How can Sam Smith act like this but Nicki Minaj was banned from doing it?” Another asked: “Wasn’t Nicki Minaj blacklisted for a similar performance that Sam Smith just did?” Another commented: “So @samsmith can act godless and be a demon on stage but @NICKIMINAJ can’t perform Roman Holiday.”

One fan wrote: “So, Sam Smith took us to HELL with the fucking devil, but when Nicki Minaj wanted to free her soul from sins with the Catholic Church, it was trouble. Nicki was ahead of her time… That’s right! everything! That’s it!” One guy tweeted saying, “Sam Smith can do a performance like that and get praise but my girl @NICKIMINAJ is still suffering from the repercussions of performing Roman Holiday at the #GRAMMYs.”

One pointed out the hypocrisy, writing: “#NickiMinaj was blacklisted for her Grammy performance that was deemed demonic. But #SamSmith performed an Unholy-leaning song, wearing all red, a hat with devil horns and fire on stage. I got applause and a Grammy. The blatant hypocrisy, the disrespect and the nonsense.”

The 40-year-old rapper’s arrival in a red hooded dress alongside a man dressed as Pope and her rendition of exorcist riffs of hers at the 2012 Grammy Awards caused a great deal of controversy. She hasn’t performed at the Grammys since. In 2019, she accused Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich of deliberately snubbing her, claiming, “I was intimidated into keeping quiet for seven years out of fear.”

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