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According to reports, a 26-year-old guy who has cost the tax payers millions in medical expenses because of his revolting habit of eating metal from the jail cells he has occupied is returning to jail. According to jail records, Lamont Cathey, who had a problematic past and was previously thought to be a potential basketball prospect, was sentenced on counts of identity theft, burglary, aiding and abetting, possession of a stolen car, aggravated flight, and other offences.

He has been detained at the Pontiac Correctional Facility since March 1, according to online jail records. The dates of his expected release and parole are both May 14, 2024 and 2025, respectively. The incident that inspired this story occurred in February 2022, according to CWBChicago, when a man leaving a yoga class discovered that someone had burgled his locker and taken his wallet, phone, keys, and Maserati.

Lamont Cathey Age

Lamont Cathey is 26  years old.

Lamont Cathey Incident Detail

He has cost Cook County taxpayers more than $2 million over the years because he consumed metal and other stuff at the Illinois jails. According to CWBChicago, he has consumed screws, thumbtacks, leather, needles, and a four-inch piece of metal. By 2016, according to his mother Lorine Barber, he has undergone up to 20 surgeries due to him consuming screws, nails, and “parts of whatever comes off the benches… ” He could paint, he doesn’t mind.

She recalled the doctor telling her that her son would survive if he simply stopped eating (crap), adding that her boy required counselling. Evidently, Cathey wasn’t the only prisoner consuming a diet high in iron. According to CBS, prisoners have been seen ingesting cold pack contents, screws, unexplained metal, buttons, and even little pieces of wheelchairs. Chicago County Sheriff Tom Dart told the network, “I’m at a lost. “I no longer know how to stop some of this stuff,”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Cathey was at the heart of an extraordinary legal battle between Cook County and Loyola hospital after accruing a $500,000 medical bill.He had a difficult upbringing without a father, according to the newspaper. Prior to his arrest for stealing money from a pizza business safe when he was 17, the Tribune reported that he had the opportunity to play basketball at a Division II institution.

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