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Numerous felony charges have been brought against a 19-year-old man in Indiana after it was claimed that he admitted to brutally assaulting his 2-month-old son in retaliation for the infant ripping out his nose ring. According to court documents analysed by Law&Crime, Aaron Scott Evans was detained on Monday and charged with one count of battery on a child resulting in serious bodily injury and one act of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to court records, on the morning of April 3, Avon Police Department officers responded to a call at a nearby hospital regarding a 2-month-old infant who had been hospitalised with serious and suspicious injuries. About 15 miles west of Indianapolis is Avon. The youngster was stated to have numerous bruises on his body and a gash on the top of his head that had already started to heal, indicating that it had occurred before the baby was brought to the hospital.

Aaron Scott Evans Age

Aaron Scott Evans is 32 years old.

Aaron Scott Evans Incident Detail

The youngster was transported to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indiana for more specialised care because of the extent of his injuries. Doctors reportedly informed the authorities in Indianapolis that in addition to the bruises, the infant also had both of his legs shattered.

He sustained many rib fractures, subdural haemorrhage (bleeding between the skull and the brain), and numerous contusions. According to reports, doctors discovered indications that the infant had previously experienced a subdural hematoma.

Related ArticlesAccording to the findings, the injuries were caused by intentional physical abuse, according to WXIN. The baby was still in serious condition in the ICU earlier in the week. The victim’s mother, who spoke with investigators, allegedly described Evans as having “anger issues” and being often irritated, according to WXIN.

Evans’s flatmate and the mother of the child apparently gave identical accounts of him. The report claims that when Evans was subsequently questioned by investigators, he allegedly acknowledged to physically beating his son on numerous occasions and claimed to have “major anger issues.”

Evans allegedly admitted to detectives that he had repeatedly hit his son in the legs. Evans allegedly claimed that while holding the youngster in his arms, he once purposefully dropped the child and let him fall to the ground. In a different incident, Evans reportedly acknowledged to deliberately dropping the boy into his car seat “harder than he should have,” according to police.

According to WXIN, when asked why he purposefully hurt his 2-month-old son, Evans allegedly responded that he was upset with the child because the youngster had unintentionally pulled at his nose ring and he wanted to “inflict pain back” on the child.

According to reports, he said that he too had a migraine headache and that all he wanted was for the child to remain quiet.Evans was checked into the Hendricks County Jail after the interview. A judge issued a no-contact order that Evans was not allowed to see his son. On June 5, Evans is due to show up for a pretrial meeting. A query from Law&Crime asking for an update on the child’s condition was not immediately answered by HCSO.

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