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Xavien Howard has responded to a woman who is suing him for giving her an “incurable STD,” calling her “an embittered ex-lover” and claiming her STD case against him is “the essence of extortion,” according to TMZ. The Miami Dolphins player filed the documents Oct. 28, a day after the plaintiff, who used Jane Doe’s name in her lawsuit, claimed he accidentally gave her genital herpes.

According to records, Howard has asked that the woman’s lawsuit be dismissed. He also said the woman harassed him, threatened to harm him and tried to extort money from him. According to the lawsuit, the three-time Pro Bowler who signed a five-year, $90 million contract extension with the Dolphins this year asked Jane Doe out on a date during their first meeting at a Quest Diagnostics facility in early 2018.

Xavien Howard Age

Xavien Howard is 29 years old.

Incident Detail

When he first assured her that she was STD-free, he even presented her negative test results. When Howard found out he had genital herpes in 2019, he decided not to tell the woman, she says. Instead, he persisted in her claim that he had passed various tests and was continuing to have sex with her. “Maaaaan, I told you I was sorry to give it to you,” she says Howard told her.

“But what can I do now? The damage is already done. You keep bringing it up like it’s going to change anything. Like you can’t move on.” In the documents, Howard claims he has text message evidence showing the woman “is nothing more than a spurned ex-lover who chose to take advantage of [Howard’s] public status for the purpose of financial windfall with no right or claim.” “.

The cornerman even shared messages that, on his account, show the woman cursing him before threatening to “come to his work tomorrow and create a big commotion.” He also claims that she should be allowed to continue the case under the alias “Jane Doe” and that to do otherwise would only compound the “shame, humiliation and psychological trauma” he has already experienced as a result of the situation.

Xavien Howard is currently engaged to Keeli Long for several years. She is also the mother of Howard’s three children; Ava, born May 2015; Skylar was born in November 2017; and their son Xavien Jr born on March 12, 2019. There was a case of physical abuse between the couple in 2020 in which the police were involved.

After an argument over a handbag turned physical, Howard was arrested because he grabbed Keeli and “pushed her against the mirrored glass wall” in the hallway of her Davie home. Keeli suffered injuries to her arms and an abrasion to her right elbow according to TMZ.

At the time of his arrest in Miami, Howard was in custody at the Dave Police Department in Broward County. After being released, he spent some time in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office jail before reconciling with Keeli and leaving.

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