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Lauren Graham is finally opening up about her breakup with fellow actor Peter Krause. After more than ten years of dating, the longtime couple split in 2021. Lauren opened up about her breakup with Krause when she was promoting her latest collection of essays and acknowledged that it was a difficult time in her life. . In an interview with People, Lauren said writing the book became a distraction after her breakup with Krause.

“I knew I was tough because I always have been,” Graham said. “Take your punches and you don’t complain. That’s how I was always raised.” The ‘Gilmore Girls’ star said she struggled to write her next book, ‘Did I tell you this yet? Stories I don’t want to forget to remember’, because she wouldn’t let the breakup ruin her.

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Age

Lauren Graham is 55 years old and Peter Krause is 57 years old.

Incident Detail

“Sometime in that year it’s like this where I just wasn’t going to let [the breakup] crush me,” she said. “I was like, ‘Okay, look at all the good things I have and look at all the good times’ and ‘I’m going to write this book.’ Thank God I have these outlets and these stories to tell.” Lauren then recalled all of their happy times together and explained what it was that ultimately caused them to break up.

In a relationship like 40-year-olds without asking any of the questions that 40-year-olds should be asking,” she said, before adding, “We had such a good time together that maybe I didn’t ask some fundamental questions about ‘What? are your values ??and what do you imagine?’ and that more adult stuff. And then they just caught up with us.”

Graham returned to Los Angeles after the split to focus on her career. The New York Times bestselling author also stated that the breakup is “still a shame,” adding, “It’s really sad for me,” even though she’s in a better place. Now, Lauren is looking forward to knowing what else life has in store for her. “I’m less in a hurry,” said the actress, acknowledging that the passage of time had been the greatest gift.

“Any pain still has its moments. I was a collaborator in her son’s life, so we are connected. And yes, I’m in a better place, but it’s still a shame. It’s sad for me.” Graham, 55, and Krause, 57, first crossed paths when they appeared as guests on “Caroline in the City” in the 1990s. But it wasn’t until 2010, when they began acting as brothers on the popular series ‘Parenthood’, that their relationship turned into something more.

Graham and the ‘9-1-1’ actor kept their relationship mostly private over the years, appearing only occasionally at events like the 2020 Golden Globes, which happened to be their last public appearance as a couple according to E News. Graham stated that although her relationship with Krause didn’t work out, she was still open to finding love again, just not anytime soon.

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