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Tom Gerbier

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Tom Gerbier, a pilot who went missing while climbing Mount Whitney in California, was found dead after falling almost a thousand feet. The National Park Service confirmed the hiker from Fontenay-sous-Bois, France, was an Air France pilot on Friday, October 20.The Inyo County Sheriff’s Office published a missing poster for the 38-year-old man as part of the hunt.

On Tuesday, October 17, Gerbier started a strenuous walk up the mountain that reaches 14,494 feet on the eastern edge of Sequoia National Park.He left Whitney Portal, which is close to Lone Pine, and his absence was reported after he failed to show up for his return flight on Wednesday, October 18, according to the park service.

Tom Gerbier Age

Tom Gerbier was 66 years old.

Tom Gerbier Cause of Death

According to a statement made by Sequoia and King Canyons National Park, “Inyo County Sheriff’s Office took the lead on this search and rescue operation with flyovers of Mt Whitney on Wednesday, the day Mr. Gerbier was reported missing, with no results.Local government officials and park service personnel dispatched ground teams to the area on Thursday, October 19.

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Search results suggested that someone might have gone down a cliff in the region known as “The Notch.” A helicopter was subsequently sent to the location where it discovered a motionless individual wearing the same clothing as Gerbier.The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office verified Gerbier’s identity when his body was retrieved by helicopter, according to the New York Post.

The climbing community worked together with deputies from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, and the Inyo Search and Rescue Team to locate Gerbier’s body.Following Gerbier’s passing, Air France released a statement in which they revealed that the pilot had been stopping in Los Angeles, California.

The airline issued a statement saying, “The company offers its most sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.”The park administration reports that Gerbier’s passing marks the second fatality this year at Sequioa and Kings Canyon National Parks.

According to the website of the park service, Mount Whitney is “the most frequently climbed mountain peak in the Sierra Nevada.””Even very fit hikers” are reportedly challenged by the Mount Whitney Trail. The trail is snow-free from late July to late September, but when it snows, hikers must have “winter mountaineering skills and equipment” to be safe.

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