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A West Virginian man made headlines for an odd action he took after appearing uninterested in cleaning up the puppy’s excrement after joining his family. Authorities claim that 32-year-old Randy Nethken set his home on fire because he didn’t want to clean up the mess. According to a criminal complaint, Nethken is now facing one count of arson for allegedly lighting his home on fire after getting “upset with the puppy for defecating all over the house.

“The incident happened on October 7 at a home on Ryan Run Road in Mabie, West Virginia, a small, rural village in Randolph County, some two and a half hours south of Pittsburgh. According to the complaint obtained by the NBC/ABC affiliate WBOY in West Virginia, the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office was notified of the fire by email.When the fire marshals arrived, they allegedly found”what appeared to be burned drawers” found “toward the rear of the involved structure,” not in the attic, as the complaint claims.

Randy Nethken Age

Randy Nethken is 33 years old.

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Randy Nethken Incident Detail

According to the complaint, Mountain State fire investigators concluded that “[t]here were multiple separate and distinct non-communicating fires involving the drawers,” “[which] appeared to extend from the contents up the interior sides of each of the drawers.” Fire marshals came to the conclusion that numerous small fires had been started after further investigation revealed that “one of the drawers had residual burn patterns on the exterior side and back that did not line up with the other drawer.

This would indicate “these patterns were generated from another heat source.” According to the investigators, this occurred all over the house. The lawsuit stated that “some female hygiene products were ignited” in the bathroom vanity, which resulted in “at least three additional separate and distinct non-communicating fires.”Finally, the fire investigators entered the attic after exiting the building.

According to the complaint, they “observed three more separate and distinct non-communicating fires” there, which were located “just left of the scuttle entrance,” a form of attic entryway in the ceiling.Fire marshals thoroughly examined the house and then re-interviewed the defendant. Nethken allegedly confessed when confronted with the remaining evidence that he “willfully entered the attic and intentionally utilized a match to set three fires.”

The paper says, “[H]e set the fires in the bathroom because he was pissed with the puppy for fecating all over the house.”Upon realizing his mistake, the madman allegedly said he had created a GoFundMe “to help pay for the damage because they didn’t really have a lot of money,” according to the lawsuit.The charity event has ended. On a $20,000 cash-only bond, the defendant is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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