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Popular TikToker and content creator Theylovesadity has reportedly died. It is reported that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The TikToker, whose name is Asia LaFlora, had nearly 500,000 followers on the popular short-form video entertainment app. According to her bio, she hails from California and is a body positivity content creator.

She also had more than 49,000 followers on Instagram before deleting her account. There are too many rumors behind her death. Authorities allegedly found Asia dead at a location in California and discovered her shot. Her death is being investigated as a suicide since so far there are no suspicions that she has committed a crime.

Theylovesadity Age

Theylovesadity was 18 years old.

Theylovesadity Cause of Death

Theylovesadity was described as someone with a wonderful soul and a huge influence on young girls across all social media. Various tributes from fans and followers poured in as netizens learned the unfortunate news of her death. The circumstances of her death have not yet been released to the public, but it is alleged that it is being investigated as a suicide. Netizens cannot believe the news of her death.

The news of Asia’s death was a huge blow to the TikTok community. If the allegations that her death was the result of suicide are true, the matter must be handled with care. It should be known that according to research, TikTok exposes users to the concepts of self-harm, eating disorders, and suicide as early as three minutes after joining the app.

According to Healthline, the researchers created two accounts each in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia at the minimum TikTok user age of 13 years. The standard account, or “control,” had a female username created with a random name generator. while the other “vulnerable” account contained the term “lose weight” in the username, indicating a body image concern.

For all accounts, the researchers briefly lingered on and liked accounts that discussed mental health and body image. After this, they collected data over the next 30 minutes and found that vulnerable accounts received 12 times more recommendations for self-harm and suicide-related videos than standard accounts.

While there is no specific correlation between the death of Theylovesadity and TikTok’s algorithm, it is important to note that even successful social media personalities can be affected by constant exposure to harmful topics.

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