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The father of a girl who disappeared at the age of five under mysterious circumstances from her home finally broke his silence months after being released from prison. Don Wells completed his sentence for a DUI arrest on October 30. Her daughter Summer Wells disappeared from her Tennessee home on June 15, 2021 and has not been seen since. “We have to prepare for the worst case scenario,” she told WJHL.

“You know, we can always hope for a good stage.” Summer’s amber alert is still active, though 19 months have passed since her sudden disappearance. The small Hawkins County community conducted a massive search after she went missing. Although the public was highly critical of the girl’s family, they always maintained that a kidnapper broke into the house and stole the five-year-old girl.

Summer Wells Age

Summer Wells was 05 years old.

 Incident Detail

The devastated father and his wife are now hoping for a miracle as Summer’s seventh birthday is this Saturday, February 4. Following the girl’s disappearance, Don’s three children were separated from the family after six weeks. He harshly criticized the Department of Children’s Services for its handling of the case, saying that regaining custody of his children has been a big problem.

“We really want our children to come home,” Don said, according to The Sun. “If Summer was found today, we wouldn’t be able to see her or talk to her. And we can’t talk to our guys.” Don admitted that he was shocked when online detectives accused him of her disappearance, during a podcast in 2021.

“Like an idiot, I believe it and I went crazy and started drinking and everything else,” he previously said. “And that’s why they took our children.” He confirmed in his last interview that his children repeatedly kept in touch with his mother while he was serving his sentence. “Suddenly I wasn’t allowed, we weren’t allowed to contact them at all,” Don said after he was released.

He lashed out at the government for not helping them win back custody of his children. The Department of Children’s Services “wasn’t doing anything to help us,” he told the outlet. “In fact, they’re putting us through all kinds of hurdles, which are almost impossible to overcome all of them and hold a job and do all these things and make it very, very difficult for us.”

Don said that he is now working out of state because he no longer works for his previous employer. “I don’t know if they got fired exactly or what the correct term would be, but they don’t want the YouTuber drama,” he said, pointing to different videos he posted online to raise awareness about Summer’s disappearance. “They’re trying to build houses. They’re trying to sell houses.

And of course they don’t want that kind of drama on job sites. I don’t really blame them for that.” Don also spoke. about his wife’s deteriorating health, something the family had previously posted on their FindSummerWells.com website. “Candus has been to the emergency room four times for heart problems,” he told the outlet. ”

And we’re thinking about eventually doing major surgery, hopefully to correct the problem with his heart. I think he’s better. But all the stress and stuff isn’t helping at all.” With Summer’s birthday just a day away, her father tried to imagine what her daughter would be like over a year and a half since they last saw her. “I really don’t want to celebrate her birthday without her,” said her heartbroken father. ”

She was definitely going to be tall, probably as tall as I’d say, because she was growing up so fast. I’m sure she would be the same person. And she had no qualms about taking on her siblings.” , that is sure. She didn’t hesitate to put them in her place very quickly.” According to accounts provided by the family, Summer was last seen with her mother and her grandmother gardening in the front yard before coming inside to play with her toys at 6:30 p.m. m.

She was never seen again after that. No evidence has been found to support the family’s claims that a predator was present in the home and took the girl from her. Following the girl’s disappearance, it soon came to light that both parents have criminal records. Don was arrested in 2020 on domestic battery charges, which led Candus to file for a protective order against him.

The charges against Don were dropped a couple of months before the tragic incident when she asked to have the order dismissed. Both parents were ordered to take a lie detector test as part of the investigation into Summer’s disappearance and reportedly passed.

“Not a day goes by that we don’t check something on this case,” Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson told The Rogersville Review. “It’s definitely not an unsolved case, and everything is still on the table. Nobody wants to find her more than we do.”

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