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Nikki Addimando, a mother of two who was found guilty of shooting her partner to death, talks about the 2017 murder. She told a news channel on Thursday, February 2, that she had to do it to save herself, “It was killing or die”. Christopher Grover was shot to death in the Poughkeepsie, New York, apartment where he lived with Addimando and her two children.

The convict is currently incarcerated at the Bedford Hills Correctional Center as she was indicted on June 30, 2018 with second degree murder, first and second degree manslaughter and second degree criminal possession of a weapon. there is a misunderstanding between victim and perpetrator. I think it’s hard to understand that someone can be both,”

Nikki Addimando Age

Nikki Addimando was 31 years old.

Nikki Addimando Cause of Death

Addimando said. Speaking about why she didn’t report her partner, she said: “I also thought if I could make him happy, he would stop or things would go back to the way they were.” However, prosecutors during the 2019 trial argued that she could have chosen to leave her boyfriend and she had several opportunities to alert authorities, rather than take the extreme step.

The other argument put forward in the case was that Grover was shot to death while she was sleeping and Addimando was not in imminent danger as she claimed before pulling the trigger. Addimando’s legal team presented evidence of abuse, consisting of her official testimony, photos and reports from forensic nurses documenting her abuse, and defended her claim that it was an act of self-defense.

Addimando also claimed that the abuse included non-consensual pornographic images that were posted on a pornography site without her permission. According to the record, it could not be proven who uploaded those images. “She just brought a new level of shame,” she said while speaking about the incident to ABC News.

Speaking about how she does parenting behind bars, Addimando said: “It takes intention and effort, but it would be harder not to. I try to stay involved in her day-to-day. Those are the little moments I miss the most. .” She added: “I don’t know how, [but] I thought I was protecting them by staying. I really did.” She meets her two children once a week when they visit the prison.

Addimando was sentenced to 19 years to life, which was reduced to 7.5, however she remains a convicted murderer. I felt finally found by them and heard,” she said. Chris Grover’s mother, Gail, released a statement about the reduced sentence, calling it “a slap in the face.” Before she added, “We believe Nikki’s abuse allegations are false and maintain that Chris was a loving and peaceful father and partner.”

Addimando felt remorse for Grover’s family and the pain he inflicted on them, “I wish I could explain to them how much I share their pain, how sorry I am for Chris as well, and how much I never meant to cause pain. I know I have caused so much pain in their lives,” Nikki Addimando will be released next year, 2024. She has never denied shooting Grover and maintains that it was an act of self-defense by her, after what she calls “years of physical and sexual abuse.”

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