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An open prison where he will be eligible for one day of freedom has been approved for the transfer of a serial predator who raped a mother just one day after being released from jail for sex offences. When Stephen Gale was sentenced to an indefinite prison term for the vicious assault on a woman he followed from a train in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on February 1, 2007, he was 33 years old.

He allegedly pounced on the woman in the Morrisons parking lot on Vale Road, close to the town’s train station, as Maidstone Crown Court heard testimony. Gale, who has spent the last 11 years in and out of prison for sex offences, had only a few hours earlier registered on the sex offender register at Tonbridge Police Station.The victim, who had a knife in his stomach the entire time, was terrified he would perish.

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Stephen Gale is 33 years old.

Stephen Gale incident Detail

At Gale’s sentencing in May 2007, the judge incarcerated him for a minimum of five years and two hundred sixty days under an unusual “protection of the public” order. It was “difficult to foresee a time” when it would be deemed safe to release Gale, according to Judge Andrew Patience QC at the time.In February 2013, Gale’s minimum term came to an end.

He has already served ten more years behind bars. Gale was recommended to be sent to a Category D open prison by the Parole Board at his most recent parole hearing in 2021 in order to get him ready for his ultimate release. The attorney general, however, disregarded the advice and mandated that Gale be imprisoned in a confined facility. Despite this, during his sixth parole hearing since an April hearing, Gale, now 49, has once more been recommended for transfer to an open jail.

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Despite having 28 days to act, the secretary of justice did not. Gale’s request to be freed on leave was denied by the Parole Board. A Parole Board representative stated: “The Parole Board refused the release of Stephen Gale, but during an oral hearing in April 2023, recommended a transfer to an open-term prison.This was merely a suggestion, and before deciding whether a prisoner is appropriate for open conditions, the Secretary of State for Justice takes the advise into consideration.

“We will only recommend open conditions if a Parole Board panel is satisfied that the risk to the public has been sufficiently reduced to be manageable in an open prison and if a transfer to an open prison is deemed it is essential to inform future decisions about release,” the statement reads. The written summary was received by MailOnline from the Parole Board.

In the section titled “risk assessment,” he states that the offender’s early life experiences, relationship problems, and drug and alcohol abuse were risk factors at the time of the incident. Mr. Gale gave sexuality a lot of thought and was prepared to break the law to gratify his urges. He struggled with strong emotions and thought that men should rule over women.

The board states: “In 2021, the Parole Board reviewed Mr. Gale’s case and recommended that he should be transferred to open prison.” This statement is in reference to the decision to overturn the recommendation that Gale be transferred to open prison.That suggestion was rejected by the Secretary of State, and his officials believed Mr. Gale needed to finish off his work in a closed prison.

According to the summary, Gale continued to make progress while he was incarcerated by taking classes on sexual offences and working with prison psychologists to assist him cope with his issues. The statement ends, “The panel was not satisfied that Mr. Gale was eligible for his release after taking into account the circumstances of his offence, the advancement made while he was in detention, and the evidence provided at the hearing.

However, the panel suggested that Mr. Gale proceed in this way after taking into account the requirements for suggesting placement in open conditions. The Parole Board’s recommendation is now up to the Secretary of State to decide whether to accept it. The woman and Mr. Gale rode the same train, arriving in Tunbridge Wells at 9:30 p.m., according to evidence presented in court during his trial. Mr. Gale had shaved his knee-length body hair.

The defendant, Anne Phillips, claimed that Gale “matched her step for step” as the woman exited the police station. She knew Gale was following her as she ascended the stairs. Gale occasionally moved past her. Gale went to her though when she got close to her car. He was obstructed by her and cautioned to follow her instructions precisely or else.

Gale stabbed her stomach with a knife that had a red handle. Before directing her back towards the stairway and lift entrance, he exerted further pressure. Gale then ordered her to perform a sex act on him after stroking her face and grabbing her hair and forced her to her knees.

I’m bored with all this, he abruptly muttered before turning around and leaving. Running to her car, the woman headed for the Tunbridge Wells police station. Gale admitted to rape and penetration assault. “Such wicked, cruel, and degrading conduct as you caused your victim to suffer on that night deserves only the severest penalty, both to punish you and to deter and serve as a warning to others,” said Andrew Patience QC.

Simply said, “You are a danger to women.” The attack, according to his victim, destroyed her life. She declared, “I am not the same mother I once was.” Tony Thomas, Detective Chief Inspector, remarked following the court proceeding:

“Stephen Gale’s victim has been incredibly brave, and I hope that now that he is in jail and unable to harm anyone else, she may find some solace.” Gale is a dangerous man, and everyone is happy that he can no longer endanger women. In 2025, Gale will be qualified for his seventh parole review.

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