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Courtney Clenney’s attorneys believe they have found evidence to back up her claims that she stabbed Christian “Tobi” Obumseli, her boyfriend, during an altercation at their apartment in April 2022 because she was acting in self-defense. Courtney Clenney is charged with killing Christian Obumseli, her lover. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, Clenney, 26, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with Obumseli’s passing.

According to court records, Obumseli was stabbed in the chest during the altercation with a knife in a downward motion, which resulted in a fatal injury when the blade impacted an artery in his chest.Clenney allegedly made contradictory comments regarding the stabbing, including one in which he allegedly claimed, “I really don’t know if this was justified at all.” Both sides concur that Clenney and Obumseli’s relationship was toxic and turbulent. However, that is the extent of the parties’ agreement.

Courtney Clenney Age

Courtney Clenney is 26 years old.

Courtney Clenney Incident Detail

Domestic abuse was committed against Obumseli, according to the prosecution, and Clenney was the perpetrator. Clenney was allegedly abused, according to her attorneys.”I believe that the detective on this instance held her without an arrest for four months while they looked into her case. It’s really revealing,” said Frank Prieto, an attorney who is representing Clenney alongside Sabrina Puglisi in a Law & Crime interview.

The Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney’s Office released video of Clenney and Obumseli in a lift at their condominium complex that was shot months before Obumseli’s demise along with the announcement of the accusations against Clenney. Clenney is seen beating Obumseli as the video cuts to the pair in the lift.

What has been depicted in the media is a moment in time, according to Puglisi. She actually doesn’t want him to get into the lift to use the stairs, as can be seen in the first few seconds of the video, which are usually edited off in media cycles. Only one key is needed to enter this flat.

Puglisi and Prieto claim they will present three incidents at trial that prove Clenney was mistreated. “The first is in Las Vegas in 2021, where she contacted security and a security officer was questioned by the authorities. When they walked up to her room, there were hair clumps on the floor, and you can see it on the police officer’s body camera, which he claims he heard her state.

Clenney is being sued for wrongful death by Obumseli’s family. The homeowners association, the organisation in charge of running the apartment complex, and the security firm are all being sued by the family for negligence. Lawyers for Clenney describe the action as a “money grab.”

In a news conference last week, lawyers for Obumseli and his cousin claimed there had been six reports of disturbances involving him and Clenney between January and March 2022. Attorneys for Obumseli’s family said that Clenney was responsible for the violence and threats that were reported to 911 by the tenants and other people.

“The forensic evidence is clear that Christian was not an offender in any way and that there is an offender in this case,” said Michael Haggard, who is the family’s attorney for Obumseli. His relatives said that Obumseli had lost everything. “We lost more than just Toby. Never again has my aunt been the same. Obumseli’s cousin Karen Egbuna said of her, “She is distinguished by a grief, rage, and pain that will probably never go away.

According to Prieto, the civil complaint won’t likely proceed until the criminal matter is resolved. There is no doubt, according to her, that Obumseli and Clenney behaved improperly while they were dating. A status conference has been scheduled for July, although Clenney’s trial date has not yet been determined. He is being held without bond while his case is being heard.

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