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Finley Boden, a 10-month-old baby who was brutally murdered by his drug-addicted parents, is seen in chilling CCTV footage in his dying moments. Surprisingly, this occurred just 39 days after social services gave the mother custody of the child. Stephen Boden, 30, and Shannon Marsden, 22, murdered their 10-month-old son, Finley, on Christmas Day 2020 while the school was in lockdown.

Finley had sustained an unbelievable 71 bruises, 57 fractures, and numerous “crushed and broken” bones. twisted. According to the Daily Mail, CCTV evidence captures Boden pushing the infant in a stroller in the hours before the murder.In the end, the pair brutally abused the little child, repeatedly “kicking or stomping” him, splitting his pelvis in two, and burning his hand on a hot flat surface with a cigarette flame.

Finley Boden Age

Finley Boden was 10 months old.

Finley Boden Cause of Death

Mrs. Justice Tipples, the trial judge, fought back tears as she expressed gratitude to the jury for its decision. The circumstances surrounding Finley’s death are currently the subject of a child protection investigation.A filthy couple’s horrible deeds have come to light after they lured a youngster with cognitive impairment into their home using drugs and sexually assaulted him while filming it for more than five years.

In connection with the continued sexual assault of the victim, who was a minor at the time, Julia Ann Bamforth, 49, and Paul Robert Bamforth, 50, entered guilty pleas to 146 charges. The couple admitted to enticing the neurodivergent child to their home with drugs in order to sexually assault him there and record the abuse for their own sex needs.

The abuse started when the victim was around 12 years old, according to tapes the couple recorded, but the kid informed investigators that it started when he was just 7 years old. He said that over the course of at least five years, he had been compensated with free drugs in exchange for having sex with the married couple. In a police interview, the young man reportedly stated,

“I didn’t want to, but I had to,” according to the Daily Mail. I used to acquire free marijuana, ice, and MDMA from Paul in order to “root” his wife. Despite being aware that the youngster had been identified as having cognitive challenges, the Bamforths allegedly called him “the damned one” in a nasty manner, according to court documents.

The police discovered several texts between the co-offenders that demonstrate the sexual pleasure they felt after abusing the young victim. In one of the letters she wrote to her husband, Julia expressed her desire to become pregnant by the “ugly little r **** d” so they could “molest the child or children.” In notes found on Paul’s phone, Julia reiterated her wish to conceive a child that may be sexually abused by the pair from an early age.

According to court documents, the couple wrote around 300 similar notes, some of which were as long as 2,500 words, expressing their desire to have sex with young children. In one of the emails recorded by the police, Julia and Paul discuss their desire to adopt needy or abandoned kids who they would later sexually abuse.

The couple allegedly contemplated kidnapping kids to satisfy their hedonistic sexual desires, according to court records. Police raided the Bamforths’ Narara house on February 26, 2021, and discovered home video documentation of their years-long abuse of the victim.

The accepted facts state that seven hard discs were found in a shoebox in a closet and taped to the bottom of the nightstand. More than 90 videos showing the pair having intercourse with the child while he was allegedly between the ages of 10 and 13 were on the hard drives. The evidence indicates that Julia had oral intercourse with the victim when he was asleep and was between the ages of 12 and 14 in one of the recordings.

According to court documents, the pair kept some of the evidence of child sexual abuse on their computer in a folder called “my little sex lover,” which included compilation tapes of various sexual acts the young guy participated in. While he was photographing the abuse, Paul was heard encouraging and directing sexual acts between his wife and the victim.

The Bamforths may also be seen presenting the victim with illegal drugs, including an ice pipe, in a number of movies that were made public by court documents. According to investigators, the victim seemed to be “highly drugged” in one of the recordings while they were having sex with Julia. Julia and Paul have pleaded guilty to an extraordinary amount of crimes involving the horrible sexual assault of a child; Julia to 78 counts, and Paul to 68.

Both have been accused of engaging in more than 20 acts of aggravated sexual contact with children, as well as numerous charges of aggravated sexual assault against a victim who is mentally handicapped and employing a kid to create child exploitation-related content. Later this year, the pair will get their punishment for a total of 146 offences.

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