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According to testimony at a preliminary hearing in the case this week, the man is suspected of killing three relatives and a friend in Alabama after getting into a fight about dirty dishes. Jared Tarant Smith-Bracy, 21, is being charged with capital murder in the deaths of the defendant’s brother Jeremy Smith, 27, his 70-year-old family friend Shelia Glover, and grandparents Leonard Smith and Barbara Smith, both 80, on February 22, 2023. In his bedroom, Leonard Smith was discovered dead after being pickaxed.

The three victims who perished were attacked with a pickaxe and shot in the backyard of the Melanie Loop house in Lake Forest. The defendant was brought into the courthouse in handcuffs and a yellow jumpsuit for his preliminary hearing on Monday afternoon. If found guilty as charged, he could receive the death penalty. Police in Daphne claim that on the day of the tragic killings, they received about a dozen 911 calls reporting gunshots. Shortly after the killings, SWAT discovered the suspect hiding out in the nearby woods.

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Jared Smith-Bracy’s age is Unkown.

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The suspect is said to have told a responding law enforcement officer. In his testimony at the hearing, Daphne Police Sgt. Jason Vannoy said, “I had to get them before they got me.” According to Vannoy, the statement was made after the suspect identified himself as one of the victims. Vannoy spoke at the press conference in February along with other law enforcement representatives. The crime scene, in his words, was “horrific” and “the worst I’ve seen, for sure, in 22 years.”

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In his interview, Smith-Bracy was “extremely cooperative and pleasant,” according to Vannoy, but the suspect “showed no remorse.Given that the defendant has entered a plea of not guilty due to a mental defect, it appears that the main legal issue going forward revolves with the suspect’s competency.

Thomas Pilcher, Smith-Bracy’s defence attorney, argued that his client’s alleged behaviour was a “break from his normal behaviour,” but the prosecution insisted that the suspect is “absolutely responsible for his criminal conduct” unless the case file “suggests that he has any kind of mental disease or defect.” If there is ever a trial, prosecutors have already stated on the record that it might take years.

The following opportunity will be for a Baldwin County grand jury to review the material independently.Smith-Bracy didn’t speak during his court appearance, according to WKRG, and avoided making eye contact with his mother, who was sobbing and mumbling the suspect’s name. Watch a portion of the footage taken inside the courtroom by visiting this link to WKRG’s report on the hearing:

The suspected murders, according to the authorities, took place after Smith-Bracy was released on bond earlier that day following an incident of criminal mischief at the residence. Unknown man gave the defendant a lift home from jail without understanding what would occur afterwards, according to WKRG.

After reportedly stealing the driver’s lawfully owned Glock, Smith-Bracy allegedly went on a multi-weapon murderous spree. According to jail records in Baldwin County, Smith-Bracy is still being held without bond. Since being arrested on February 23 at 3:36 a.m., he has been detained.

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