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Carson Preston passed away on January 28 after getting access to a gun kept in a Fortress Safe. The lawsuit Carson’s grieving parents filed against Fortress Safe claims the safe “failed” when Carson, who was not allowed, was able to grab the gun placed inside. The kid suffered a “lethal gunshot wound to the head.”

A defect in the biometric feature of the safes caused them to appear to be locked for unauthorized users but actually to be in the “default to open” state, according to 39 reports the business received.In the recall, Fortress Safe instructed customers to use a key to lock their safes rather than a biometric device.

Carson Preston Age

Carson Preston was 12 years old.

Carson Preston Cause of Death

Additionally, customers were instructed to get in touch with the business for instructions on how to get a replacement safe.”The safes contain a biometric reader that allows unpaired fingerprints to open the safe until a fingerprint is programmed, allowing unauthorized persons, including children, access to hazardous contents, including firearms,” the business claimed.

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According to a copy of the lawsuit that the Huffington Post was able to obtain, Casy Prston, the father of Carson Prston, bought the Model 44B20 Fortress gun safe from the sporting goods retailer Scheels in March of this year. On January 28, the safe malfunctioned when it gave Carson, a non-authorized person, access to a firearm that was housed within.

The outcome was that the toddler received a “lethal gunshot wound to the head,” according to the lawsuit. It further states that the safe was initially shipped in a condition that made it possible for any fingerprint to open it. According to a report in the Huffington Post, Josh Dowling of Claggett & Sykes, the legal team defending the Preston family, “Our clients experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when their son was able to access their firearm because of the defective design of the Fortress gun safe.”

“This recall is a crucial first step in holding Fortress accountable for releasing a faulty gun safe onto the market,” he continued. This recall reassures our customers that this was not their responsibility, and we hope it will stop a tragedy like this from occurring in the future.

The retailer Scheels was accused of continuing to market and sell the flawed gun safe despite reports and concerns from customers and persons, according to the lawsuit. The gun safe, according to Scheels, was “not in an unreasonably dangerous or defective condition” when it was sold, thus the retailer was not at fault for the disaster.

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