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After hearing the devastating news of band member Paul Cattermole’s passing at the young age of 46, S Club 7 followers came together in sorrow this afternoon. Paul was discovered dead at his Dorset home on Thursday, and there were no suspicious circumstances, according to the police. Fans contributed their own recollections of the well-liked star as the band paid respect to him by announcing his passing this afternoon.Paul Cattermole, RIP, Jaylan Salah wrote.

When I was younger, I had a great crush on Hannah and Bradley and even watched their TV show Miami 7 with my sister and grandfather on the ancient television that belonged to my grandfather.My mood was always boosted by their music, and I wanted to dance. terrible news Elizabeth Bond claimed on Twitter that the musician brought back fond memories of her past.She expressed her shock and sorrow over the news. With a friend, I visited S Club 7 back in 2002. We were both around ten years older than the audience’s median age, yet I still yearn for that carefree and enjoyable period. Condolences to your loved ones and RIP, Paul.

Paul Cattermole Age

Paul Cattermole was 46 years old.

Paul Cattermole  Cause of Death

This is so terribly sad, commented JenWren. A few years ago, my friend and I went to the Echo Arena to see S Club and relive our childhood. Paul, rest in peace. “This is terrible,” Ellie Walker continued. Paul, RIP. My early years included him greatly. I’m thinking of you all and his loved ones. On Twitter, Seán Ferrick discussed his early love of S Club 7.

This is truly awful news, he wrote. Back then, I was a huge fan of S Club 7. I owned all the singles and albums and followed the TV show. All of it. ‘News has actually put me in tears – I was a major S Club 7 fan back in the day and can still sing pretty much the entire discography from memory,’ remarked a Happy Speedbird fan in response to Seán’s post.

He too was eagerly anticipating the reunion concert. ‘S club 7 was my entire youth, and Paul made me laugh so hard in their LA7 and Miami7 series,’ devastated admirer Romanaa wrote. “I’m heartbroken to learn this. He wasn’t old enough. Paul, have peace. I grew up listening to S Club 7, so this was my first full concert experience. Technically, Steps was my first concert, but my sister became furious and we had to leave midway through. Adieu, Paul.

His bandmates, including his ex-girlfriend Hannah Spearritt, who has been left “inconsolable,” are alleged to have been “shocked” by the news. His family issued the following statement: “It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden demise of our dear son and brother Paul Cattermole. Paul was discovered yesterday, April 6, 2023, at his Dorset house, and was later declared dead.

The statement went on to say that there were no suspicious circumstances, despite the fact that the cause of death is now unknown. “Paul’s family, friends, and fellow S Club members request privacy at this time,” the statement reads. By writing: “We are truly devastated by the passing of our brother Paul,” the band paid respect to Paul on Twitter. “The profound sadness and loss we all feel cannot be expressed in words.” He was such a blessing in our life, and we are grateful for the wonderful memories we have of him.

‘He will be terribly missed by all of us,’ we all agree. Please respect his family’s and the band’s right to privacy at this time. Hannah Spearritt, a bandmate and ex-girlfriend of Paul, was “absolutely devastated,” a source close to her told MailOnline. Hannah is distraught. She is finding it difficult to accept that he is no longer with us because this came as a huge shock. “The worst occurred just as they were rekindling their bond. The band has completely disbanded.

They were all anticipating the reunion tour and sharing their incredible recollections. Hannah’s path has included Paul greatly and will continue to do so. She is completely beside herself right now. The devastating news was announced not long after the duo ended their seven-year fight and rebuilt their relationship. The bond between Hannah and Paul began at the National Youth Music Theatre when they were teenagers, predating the formation of the noughties ensemble.

At first, they kept their relationship a secret; nevertheless, Paul subsequently admitted that he would sneak to and from Hannah’s house in the early morning to avoid being seen by admirers. After S Club 7 announced they would reunite for an 11-date tour of the UK and Ireland to perform hits including Reach, Bring It All Back, and Never Had A Dream Come True, the shocking news of Paul’s death comes as a shock.

After the band, which also included members Rachel Stevens, 44, Tina Barrett, 46, Jon Lee, 40, Bradley McIntosh, 41, and Jo O’Meara, 43, appeared in their own BBC series Miami 7 and LA 7, fans of the group will remember S Club for more than just their songs. The comeback was planned by music mogul Simon Fuller, who brought together the group in 1998 after the Spice Girls, his previous band, fired him as their manager. All seven members of the group approved of the reunion.

He personally called each of the seven stars to propose the concept and made it plain that it would only succeed if they all agreed. The band expressed their excitement about getting back together, saying, “After eight years, it feels amazing to announce that we’re reuniting and performing together once more.”To commemorate S Club 7’s 25th anniversary, we’re thrilled to bring the S Club Party back to our supporters across the nation. The length of time is beyond our comprehension!

“The two things that have always driven everything we’ve ever done have been music and friendship. We hope that everyone will come party with us! S Club 7 released 11 songs that all peaked in the Top 5 of the UK charts, made four studio albums, and went on to sell more than 10 million albums worldwide. Paul shockingly stated in 2002 that he was leaving S Club 7 due to “creative differences,” shocking the group’s global audience.

The following year, the band made its breakup official. After leaving the band, Paul had a difficult time, going bankrupt in 2015 and even listing his Brit Award for sale on eBay with the excuse that “there are bills to pay.” He acknowledged that he attempted to apply for reality competitions such as I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Dancing On Ice but was rejected because he wasn’t ‘popular enough.

He acknowledged that he had run out of money and had to borrow a shirt for the programme during an appearance on Loose Women in 2018. He made an emotional appearance on the dating programme First Dates Hotel the following year. The singer went on a date with Anna, a music enthusiast, but after being gently rejected, cried in front of the camera and begged for a “moment” to gather himself.

At the time, Tina, a bandmate, said, “I’m always here for Paul.” Seeing someone you’ve worked with appear to be having difficulties is difficult.The band disbanded in 2003, and each member took a separate path. In the years that followed, Rachel pursued a solo music career and finished second on Strictly Come Dancing in 2008. Hannah, a mother of two girls named Tora and Taya, had a successful acting career, appearing on shows including the British drama Primeval and the BBC One soap opera EastEnders.

Paul started a new YouTube channel in 2021 called Tarot Me This and asked his followers to donate in exchange for a reading, stating that this was his new line of business as a “clairvoyant.” He later admitted that he concealed his psychic powers from the other members of S Club 7 out of concern that they would think he was crazy. The music singer reinvented himself as a “spiritual psychic detective,” earning money by charging £39.99 for readings on a spiritual website, and traded in his microphone for tarot cards.

Paul described his method for entering spaces and interpreting the “energy within them,” noting that as he gets older, he is better able to “process” what is happening. Paulk spent a decade perfecting his abilities after leaving his musical career behind, although he revealed that his abilities first manifested in his teens before becoming more “intense” in his 20s. However, Paul acknowledged he couldn’t speak the truth about his talents since he didn’t want to come across as insane during the height of his stardom during his time in S Club.

I didn’t know what it was, but I was having forebodings about specific events, he claimed. When I would look at photographs of people in newspapers, certain details about them would immediately stand out. Then, when I was in my 20s, it became more acute, but I was never able to tell anyone—not even my bandmates—because they would think I was crazy.

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