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A Texas woman is charged with murdering her fiance in their house with a knife. The accused, 25-year-old Liliana Cervantes, allegedly claimed that after collapsing during the encounter, she attempted to suture Nathan Bryan Freeman. According to KTRK, an officer testified in court that he passed out again after hearing water spilling on the woman and her infant.

The next thing he recalls is phoning 911 and attempting to blackmail the complaint. Houston police initially made no mention of who was responsible for Freeman’s death on March 20 in their statement from last month. He was pronounced dead at the site by paramedics, according to officials. Online prison records show that Cervantes was taken into custody on Monday.

Nathan Bryan Freeman Age

Nathan Bryan Freeman was 32 years old.

Nathan Bryan Freeman  Cause of Death

According to the records, Cervantes hacked Freeman with a butcher cleaver. She was deemed to be “highly intoxicated” by the authorities. Freeman and Cervantes dated for two years and were introduced by Freeman’s mother, Tessa Freeman, to KTRK. They had a 6-month-old daughter together. According to her, everything appeared to be going according to plan, and she saw no indications of difficulty.

They appeared to be completely content when my husband and I visited them for Thanksgiving, she claimed. It was wonderful to have dinner with his folks. They’ve only recently moved in. We had fun. Authorities assert that despite Freeman’s kid and Cervantes’ 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship being there, Freeman was murdered at her apartment by Cervantes.

Nathan Freeman was stabbed three times. On his chest, one was. Authorities did not right away offer a reason. “I don’t think you’re real. Nothing he says is true in my opinion, Tessa Freeman declared. “Yeah, now I have to do justice for my son,” the mother said. “I think I was just making it up to try and cover his ass.” Now, he is attempting to obtain custody of his granddaughter. According to reports, the newborn and a 4-year-old child are with Cervantes’ family.

Tessa Freeman told the newspaper, “I want my grandson since she’s being prosecuted. The only memory I have of my son is that. Through Wednesday, a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the Freeman memorial had amassed $7,270 of its $10,000 target. Kendra Cranston, a relative, wrote, “Nathan will be truly missed.” He had three lovely daughters to his name. He was vibrant, and soon he will be gone!

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