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After allegedly shooting and killing his 12-year-old friend in early April moments before a scheduled sleepover, a 13-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been charged with murder as an adult. According to the US attorney, Nolan Donald Grove is accused of multiple offences, including third-degree murder, manslaughter, carrying a weapon without a permit, having a weapon in their possession when underage, and recklessly endangering another person.

Dave, the York County District, speaking at a press conference on Friday. Only three states in the US still have a third-degree murder statute on the books, and Pennsylvania is one of them. The maximum state prison term for third-degree murder is 40 years. On the basis of “the testimony of numerous witnesses” and “evidence that included video footage of surrounding events,” according to Sunday, Grove was indicted in a grand jury filing.

Nolan Donald Grove Age

Nolan Donald Grove is 13 years old.

Nolan Donald Grove Incident Detail

The prosecution stated that the defendant turned himself in to police and was arraigned on Friday morning. He claimed on Sunday that Grove is suspected of shooting his companion in the back and “causing his death.” On April 1, the incident took place close to Grove’s house. Kain Heiland, the victim, was declared dead by York County Deputy Coroner Scott Pennewell at 9:48 p.m. on that day.

A youngster was reported as sleeping on a path between two homes on First Avenue in Red Lion by the Pennsylvania State Police, according to a criminal complaint acquired by the ABC affiliate WNEP in Scranton. It was a Heiland body. Grove’s home was where Heiland, Grove, and a third acquaintance spent the day and evening with the intention of staying the night.

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A witness informed the police that Grove had taken the shooting weapon from his house at some point during the day. According to one eyewitness, Grove was “playing” with the gun on multiple occasions that day, loading, emptying, and turning on the laser sight. Grove may be seen pointing the gun at Heiland and a laser dot can be seen on the victim’s body in the CCTV footage used by the police.

The three males allegedly approached two girls at around 7:15 p.m. because one of them thought the girls had a scooter that belonged to the friend’s unnamed acquaintance. Grove allegedly told the girls that he “wasn’t afraid to shoot someone” and that he would do it if he could, according to a witness who spoke to the police.

According to the police complaint obtained by the television station, a second witness claimed to have provided a screenshot of a FaceTime connection in which Grove can be seen reportedly pointing the gun at Heiland once more, this time with the laser sight visible in the body of the other youngster. The three kids were allegedly strolling through a neighbor’s yard at 8:22 p.m.

when Grove allegedly made a comment about Heiland’s mother, a witness told police. Grove was advised to be quiet by Heiland. The third buddy and the additional eyewitness, who stayed on FaceTime throughout the incident, claimed Grove retorted with something akin to “you know what happens” or “you know what would happen.”

The younger youngster was then fatally shot in the back. According to the lawsuit, the third companion claimed that Grove followed him as he fled to his home following the shooting. The youngster claimed that he asked Grove why he had shot Heiland but got no answer, according to the authorities. Grove made a call to his father following the shooting.

After the third friend informed his parents of what had occurred, they called the police. In a later interview with police, the third friend claimed that Grove had constantly irritated Heiland throughout the day with “your mum” or “your mum” jokes and that Heiland had repeatedly commanded Grove to “shut up.” Grove allegedly told a falsehood to the police when asked about hearing a gunshot while in his bedroom.

He had also changed his clothes and washed his hands, according to the investigators. Devin Rexroth’s mother, Heiland, has a GoFundMe account. A friend of hers wrote on the page: “Her son of hers was spending the night at a friend’s house and a nightmare happened.” Heiland’s family expressed sadness with the relatively minor charge of third-degree murder in comments to the York Daily Record.

“His parents will still be able to see him,” Rexroth assured. “I’m never going to see Kain again.” The Daily Record said that the family of the murdered youngster recently demonstrated in front of the York County Judicial Centre in order to call for charges to be brought against the person who shot the boy more than a month ago. Ken Quickel, Heiland’s stepfather, disagreed with the accusations made against the 13-year-old girl.

After Grove was arraigned, Quickel reportedly claimed, “He licked his lips, like it was nothing. They charged him with third-degree murder. “His father was seated. Neither the youngster nor his father display any signs of sympathy. That doesn’t, in my opinion, ought to happen.

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