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On April 29, Rhea Hourigan, 19, and her aunt had a “brilliant day” exploring Paris. Later that evening, however, as she was taking a shower, she suddenly collapsed and died from an unexplained heart arrest. While on vacation, a Nando’s employee who had just claimed to be fine collapsed in the shower and passed away.

Rhea Hourigan, a 19-year-old freshman at Durham University, fell tragically in late April following an unexplained heart attack while spending a few days with her aunt in Paris. While on vacation with her aunt for Easter, the student studying business, management, and marketing spent the day cycling through Paris to explore the sites.

Rhea Hourigan Age

Rhea Hourigan was 19 years old.

Rhea Hourigan Cause of Death

The teenage girl, who works at the Nando’s location in Shirley, West Midlands, collapsed in the shower later that evening while she was getting ready for bed. She had taken a shower and was getting ready for bed, according to Polly Townhill, who is closest friends with Rhea’s mother and who spoke exclusively to the Mirror.

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Her aunt knocked on the door after she had been there for a while to ask, “Is everything okay, are you going out?” Rhea replied, “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming out,” as her response to him. She then perceived a thump. She was not able to be saved, despite the paramedics’ best efforts, and her passing was reported at 12:45 in the morning.

The fact that her daughter’s autopsy is scheduled for next week has prevented the family from seeing her, which is a further painful blow. “I had complete travel insurance, but she hasn’t covered what they need,” remarked Polly. There is a tonne of paperwork, and her death must be treated as an extenuating circumstance.

“Even without this, it would still be tragic, but her parents aren’t allowed to see her daughter until the autopsy is finished. They are eager to bring her back home. “Jo [mother] just hit brick wall after brick wall.” Ella Jo’s distraught mother penned these heartbreaking words on Facebook:

“She had so many plans, dreams, and aspirations that she was our shining star.” She hadn’t even finished her first year at college, which she had loved tremendously and during which she had met a tonne of wonderful friends in Durham. Our only solace is that she would not have understood what had happened and would not have suffered because she was so joyful and had such a wonderful day exploring Paris.

Jo claims that despite the difficulties, the French police, hospital, and cemeteries have been of great assistance. Jo and Polly, who have been friends for 30 years, claim that they were both expecting. She cries as she adds there are no words to describe Rhea’s best friend, Polly’s daughter,’s devastation. We all have kids around the same age, are girlfriends, and are mothers.

The general manager of Nando’s is one of our friends’ daughters, and all the females work there. In such a small village, many individuals are beyond saddened, according to her. A GoFundMe has been set up by a family friend, Dawn Buchanan, to support the family and their financial strains. “Her friends and family wanted to reach out and help as much as they could to ease the financial burden with the costs they will incur during this devastating time and the weeks and months ahead,” the author said.

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