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A teenage student who slept with her high school teacher in the back of her car defended her in court. A Victoria high school teacher has not been sent to jail, despite admitting to having sex with a male student in the back of his car and at her home on multiple occasions. A judge found 31-year-old Monique Ooms’ conduct “was not predatory” and said that “issues of consent and harm will have to be answered” with respect to relevant law in the future.

Ooms was a teacher at Sale Secondary College when she began a sexual relationship with a male student in July 2022. He slept with the boy in the back of her car in a pine forest in Rosedale and then at her home. in Maffra. On Friday in Victoria County Court, Ooms was sentenced to a four-year community corrections order with a sentence after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual penetration of a 16- or 17-year-old boy under her care and supervision.

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Monique Oom is 31 years old.

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Sentencing the now-former high school teacher, Judge John Smallwood said that while the relationship was “totally inappropriate,” he did not find Ooms’ conduct predatory. Judge Smallwood said the relationship began via text messages in late May 2022. What initially began as supportive exchanges progressed until Ooms sent photos of herself to the victim in her underwear before the student left. ran away from home and met his teacher for the first time in July of that year.

“The messages were initially friendly, however, over time they escalated to the point where the parties were texting ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you,’” reads a summary of the indictment released by the court. Judge Smallwood when their relationship was discovered, the student urged Ooms to delete messages between the couple.

He said the student said she was “a very nice person, and I think she had genuine feelings for me.” “She’s not like that,” Judge Smallwood, citing the student, said in court. “She never wanted her to end up like this,” the student had said. “She said you were good to him in times of need,” Judge Smallwood said.

He said the cost to Ooms had been significant and was amplified because she lived in a rural town. She lost her job at a local pharmacy and pub and was suspended from her position at the Country Fire Authority, Judge Smallwood said. In addition to her CCO of four years and her sentence, Ooms will be required to complete 300 hours of unpaid community service and receive counseling.

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