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A Colorado dentist, James Toliver Craig, 45, was arrested Sunday, March 19, 2023 for allegedly murdering his wife Angela Craig, 43. During the course of the investigation, authorities revealed that, prior to the murder, James had exchanged intimate emails with Karin Cain, an orthodontist based in Marble Falls.

According to The Guardian, Angela Craig was admitted to hospital on Wednesday March 15, 2023 after she complained of feeling dizzy. Shortly after she was hospitalized, Angela was pronounced dead and investigators began to suspect that James Toliver Craig had fatally poisoned his wife. They believed he did it by adding arsenic and potassium cyanides to his pre-workout shakes.

Karin Cain Age

Karin Cain is 49 years old.

Karin Cain Incident Detail

Hospital employees noted that while his wife was being treated at the hospital, James Toliver Craig was conspicuously absent, raising suspicions about his intentions. Authorities later discovered that Craig had bought plane tickets for Karin Cain to spend time with her while her wife was sick.

Authorities believe the affair may be a primary motive behind the murder of Angela Craig. According to Meaww, Karin Cain is a 49-year-old orthodontist who graduated from the Houston Orthodontics Program at the University of Texas. Her official website, Cain Orthodontics, stated that she has two adult children.

She is reportedly in the midst of a divorce from her husband Jason and her divorce papers indicate the two separated in January 2023. In an affidavit, Aurora police reported that James Toliver Craig appeared indifferent to the suffering of his wife. Instead, he was more focused on flying with Karin Cain to spend more time with him in Denver.

The affidavit said it appeared James was taking Cain to Denver while his wife and the mother of his children died in the hospital. Although Karin Cain declined to comment on the nature of her relationship with James, authorities found an intimate email she had sent to the latter. The email also had Cain expressing her concern for Angela Craig’s health.

Authorities noted that Karin Cain is not currently being treated as a suspect in the murder. According to the New York Post, the suspect’s marriage to the victim was troubled and he had been accused of having multiple affairs in the past. The case currently remains under investigation by Aurora authorities.

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