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A convicted burglar sparked a new investigation in a Miami-Dade County courthouse Tuesday when he drank a cup of bleach moments after the jury returned their guilty verdict. In video obtained by Local 10, Jermaine Bell can be seen drinking something from a mug, leaning back in her seat and collapsing on the spot. Moments later, in another clip, Bell was rushed out on a stretcher.

The 38-year-old has spent more than three years in custody so far for a 2018 incident in which he pointed a gun at factory employees while disguised as a courier, according to the outlet. He is reportedly in stable condition at a local hospital, but his family is demanding answers about how he was able to obtain the bleach. “I see him drinking something that’s not right,” the Rev. Jerome Starling, a distant cousin of Bell’s, recalled to Local 10.

Jermaine Bell Age

Jermaine Bell is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

“His lawyers let him drink. Fixes by letting him drink. Suddenly I see him collapse. And I said how could this happen. Miami-Dade police are investigating the matter. A former professional boxer has been charged after threatening to commit a mass shooting at a Miami gym, and police say he was caught while he was at a pawn shop buying an AK-47 rifle.

Azea Augustama, who competed for Haiti in the 2008 Olympics, had been kicked out of the BOXR gym on November 11 and had his membership revoked and a trespassing warning issued after he got into an argument in the gym, he said. police.

The 39-year-old then allegedly sent a photo of a gun to an employee, saying “he’s first when I get my gun,” and posted a photo of the Parkland mass shooter on Instagram, writing that he was “considering shooting” the clerk. people. , according to a police report. He then called police Tuesday afternoon, asked to return to the gym to retrieve his belongings, and paid a $150 deposit for an AK-47 rifle.

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