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Wilko Johnson, best known for his music career and also appearing in seasons one and two of Game of Thrones, has died at the age of 75, according to a message on his social media accounts posted Wednesday.

The musician, who is also beloved for his energetic onstage persona and his influence on the punk rock movement, expired on Monday (November 21), according to the statement. The statement read: ”

Wilko Johnson Age

Wilko Johnson was 75 years old.

Wilko Johnson Cause of Death

This is the ad we never wanted.” to do, and we do so with a very heavy heart: Wilko Johnson is dead. He added: “Thank you for respecting the family’s privacy at this very sad time. RIP Wilko Johnson.” The talented artist was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at a late age in 2013 and told he had less than a year to live.

He decided not to have chemotherapy, but a year later he was declared cancer-free after a major operation to remove a huge tumor. Johnson is beloved for his long and storied musical career. He also played a mute gentleman on the hit HBO series.

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