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The Indiana medical licencing board punished and fined an Indianapolis doctor who made a public statement about providing abortion services to a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim last year after concluding that the statement broke both state and federal regulations governing patient privacy. After Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita complained against the OB/GYN in November, the board found Dr. Caitlin Bernard guilty of three charges of violating patient privacy regulations on Thursday.

The board, however, rejected two other complaints’ claims, concluding that she had not broken the law requiring doctors to quickly disclose child abuse suspicions and to keep up with patient privacy and required reporting requirements. According to the board, who agreed to let Bernard keep practising medicine, Bernard will be fined $3,000 and issued a warning letter.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard Age

Dr. Caitlin Bernard is 37 years old.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard Incident Detail

The complaint claims that Bernard broke patient privacy laws when she spoke to the Indianapolis Star about the girl’s condition during the summer without the girl’s or her guardian’s permission and without using her name.

Days after the US Supreme Court invalidated Roe v. Wade and abolished federal abortion rights, it was made clear why the Ohio girl travelled to Indiana for treatment, which helped insert Bernard into the ongoing national discussion on abortion rights.

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when the Roe decision, Ohio generally outlawed abortions when heart activity is detected, which is around six weeks into a pregnancy. Bernard told CNN last year that he performed the abortion on the girl in late June, and that she travelled to Indiana for the surgery. According to Bernard, the girl was six weeks along with three days pregnant.

In Indiana, where the surgery took place, abortions were legal up to 20 weeks after fertilisation. Since then, the state has passed legislation that forbids abortion at all stages of pregnancy with a few exceptions including rape, incest, saving the woman’s life, preventing any major harm to her health, and lethal foetal abnormalities.

The situation immediately rose to the forefront of the post-Roe debate over abortion rights. Before a man was charged with raping the girl and an Ohio detective testified that the girl had an abortion in Indianapolis, a number of Republican leaders and the media initially expressed doubt about Bernard’s claims. On Thursday, the head of Indiana’s medical board for licencing spoke in favour of penalising Bernard.

Board chairman Dr. John Strobel stated during discussion, “My reason for recommending a letter of reprimand would be that I don’t think she expected this to go viral.” I don’t believe she anticipated that this patient would receive this care. Strobel added, “But I think that we as doctors need to be more cautious in this case.

I believe it is okay for her to resume practising. The main focus of the grievance, according to Cory Voight, co-director of the attorney general’s office’s complex litigation section, was Bernard’s choice to “discuss her patient with a reporter from Indiana’s largest newspaper.”

Everyone in the nation learned about her patient as a result of that decision. In his opening statements, Voight claimed, “I learned that a 10-year-old girl was raped and had an abortion. Without specifying a specific punishment, the complaint asked the licencing board to take “appropriate disciplinary action.”

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