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A British schoolgirl who went missing for more than two weeks while on vacation in the Caribbean has been found safe and sound. Delika White Lezama, 13, from Greenford, London, disappeared 20 days ago while she accompanied her mother and her brother on a trip to Trinidad to visit her grandmother.

She was located safely at 5:15 p.m. m. today, and a police investigation into her disappearance is still underway. The teen’s sister, Danika, says she is “more than happy” to know her sister was found, adding that he recently spoke to her on the phone.

Delika White Lezama Age

Delika White Lezama is 13 years old.

Incident Detail

She told the Mirror: “At this moment we are grateful, relieved and beyond happy that she is back at my grandmother’s house alive, unharmed and safe with my mum.” to hear in the background that the family was happy to have her back.”

The teenager disappeared after visiting a corner store near her grandmother’s house in the town of Sangre Grande around 4:00 p.m. m. of December 17. Her family began frantically searching for her after realizing she hadn’t returned home 10 minutes later, but she had been unable to find any trace of the teen.

Delika’s mother, Delia White, previously told the Mirror: “We searched everywhere. Some people said cameras weren’t working in the area. It gets dark around 5:30pm. “I started to worry because she doesn’t know the area, she doesn’t really speak the language, so I’m thinking someone might have seen her or any driver could have picked her up.

“I don’t know if she went somewhere and she got lost. Then when it got dark I went to the police station to make a report, then they started driving and looking for her too. We were looking all night.” Rescue teams worked tirelessly to trace her whereabouts, with officers from the local police anti-kidnapping unit leading the search.

Vallence Rambharat, captain of the Hunters search and rescue team, said in an update on Friday: “Delika White Lezama was just safely located at 5:15pm tonight. Weeks of hard work by her family, the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Sangre Grande Police officers, and the Hunter Search and Rescue Team have finally paid off. “The matter is still receiving the attention of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).”

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