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Singer Brandy was hospitalized in Los Angeles after possibly having a seizure, according to a report. On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11, EMS was reportedly called to Brandy’s home and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. The star, known for her distinctive voice, took to Instagram on Wednesday to thank her fans for their prayers and support and informed them that she is currently recovering. Following the news, the star’s parents reportedly accompanied her while she recovered in the hospital.

Sources with direct knowledge of her condition said they believe the star suffered a seizure and she was taken to a local hospital, TMZ reports. However, not much information is known about her condition. It is not confirmed what led to the seizure or if there were other health issues leading up to the incident. Although it appears that the ‘The Boy Is Mine’ singer is out of immediate danger as she updated her fans via her Instagram that she is “following doctor’s orders and resting”.

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Brandy is 43 years old.

Incidnet Detail

The singer who has earned the title of ‘the Vocal Bible’ said on her Instagram: “To my dear family, friends and stars, thank you for sending love and light down my path.” “I am following doctors orders and am getting the rest I need due to dehydration and poor nutrition. Thank you for your prayers and support. Grateful to all of you, see you soon,” she concluded.

After news broke of the famous 90s singer’s failing health, fans of hers rushed to Twitter to send her love, while many claimed that she is her favorite singer. One distraught social media user wrote: “HAS BRANDY BEEN HOSPITALIZED?!?!?! Oh God please take care of her.” One Twitter user sent her prayers for the star while stating that she is the user’s favorite singer:

“My heart and prayers go out to my favorite singer! Get well! #Brandy.” Meanwhile, another user paid a sweet tribute to the star after hearing the news of her failing health on the radio, writing, “Prayers 4 Singer/Actress #Brandy. Just heard on the radio and see her on Twitter at the hospital.” “She was malnourished and dehydrated despite reports saying possible seizure.

I hope she recovers, eats well, drinks and feels well again.” Another tweet read: “Brandy had a seizure and is hospitalized. Bad news left right and center. God o.” One concerned fan wrote: “Brandy is one of my favorite singers of all time. I pray she is okay.” “Brandy my favorite singer of all time. Man I’d be HURT if anything happened to her,” one fan wrote.

Prayers 4 Singer and actress #Brandy. I just heard it on the radio and saw it on Twitter at the hospital. She was undernourished and dehydrated despite reports saying possible seizure. I hope she recovers, eats well, drinks and feels well again.

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