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The shocking death of a woman has left her loved ones devastated as she has been remembered as “a beautiful soul with the biggest heart”. Ashley Carvill was just 34 years old when she suddenly fell unconscious in the middle of the street in Castlemilk, Glasgow on Wednesday 21 September.

Some people on the street reportedly took her to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. However, despite efforts, Ella Carvill could not be saved as she died on Sunday, September 25. Her exact cause of death is not yet known, but her sister, Chloe Pluck, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook.

Ashley Carvil Age

Ashley Carvil was 34 years old.

Ashley Carvil Cause of Death

She wrote: “I just couldn’t bear to write this. On Sunday my heart shattered into a million pieces. My amazing older sister passed away, someone I never thought I would have to be without. And I still haven’t sunk in, this feels like a nightmare. I still can’t believe what has happened.”

Pluck continued: “I’ve never met anyone like you, Ashley. You selflessly did everything for everyone around you and you have the biggest heart of gold I have ever seen. Every room you walked into you brought light and smiles, everyone absolutely adores you for the person you are and the way you make people feel about themselves. You truly are one in a zillion, there is no one like you ??? One thing I will never lose is all the lovely and fun memories we had together, and I will cherish each one of them forever.

From nights out to sleepovers at your house with the kids, to terrorizing mom and grandma together when we were little and I followed you and your friends around like an annoying little sister ???.” Ending her tribute to the mother of two, Pluck added: “I will never stop looking up to you like I always have since forever, that has never stopped for a moment, you have always been my idol and my hero no matter what. And you will always be my beautiful big sister, my rock and my soulmate ?? And I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m going to miss you Ashley ??? I’m so proud to have you as my great skin and blister. I love you with all my heart unconditionally, always and forever ?? ?? Rest in Peace my angel, until we meet again ?????.”

After Carvill’s death, Police Scotland released a statement. A spokesperson said: “Around 2 p.m. m. on Wednesday 21st September, police were called to the Arnprior Street area of ??Castlemilk, Glasgow, following a report of a woman who was unwell. She was taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for treatment. Officers have since been told the woman died on Sunday, September 25. The closest relatives have been informed.”

Meanwhile, Pluck’s social media post was full of tributes to his sister. One user commented, “She was a beautiful soul with the biggest heart and I loved working with her ?? we will miss her so much. Thinking of you and the family and sending my love xxx”. Another user said: “Heartbreaking for you Chloe ? I am so sorry for your loss thinking of all of you sending me love and hugs ??.” “I am very sorry to read this. I remember what a ball of energy Ashley was when she walked into the salon and modeled for us and ironically you posted one of those photos with your post. I send you hugs and love. RIP ??”, added the third user.

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