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Erik Cantu, 17, who was shot multiple times by a rookie cop while in his car at a McDonald’s, is now on life support. According to reports, several of his organs were pierced in the incident. Cantu’s family provided an update through his legal representative Brian Powers, according to TMZ. The teenager had undergone multiple surgeries to repair major organs that sustained the most damage as a result of the horrific gunshots.

Cantu is now being closely monitored by doctors as his lungs are kept functional by a system. The doctors have given him sedatives to keep him unconscious, as he would help with any pain or discomfort he might face if he were awake. Recovery will be an uphill battle for young Cantu. However, his family is positive and hopes to see him get ahead soon.

Erik Cantu Age

Erik Cantu is 23 years old.

Incident Detail

They also thanked everyone for keeping their son in their prayers and asked that the love keep coming during this turbulent time. The gruesome attack, which took place on October 2, was captured on police body camera. The footage showed San Antonio police officer James Brennand asking her to get out of his car.

As Cantu backs the car up surprised to be called, Brennand fired multiple shots at him, while the boy was noticeably unarmed. The policeman was said to have come to the scene of the crime on some other unrelated matter. However, Cantú had reportedly evaded the officer once before on another matter, which could have provoked such a reaction.

Brennand has been with the San Antonio Police Department for just under a year and was subsequently fired after the incident. “Nothing that officer did that night was in accordance with our training or our policies,” Police Chief William McManus said.

According to CBS Cantu’s close friend George Ramos, he said, “It was absolutely heartbreaking. When I saw that video, he brought tears to my eyes. He really inspired me to be a better person.” He added: “He’s also positive, motivated, ambitious and happy. Seeing him lying there helpless, it’s so many emotions. I’m just trying to be as strong as possible.”

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