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Anna Sorokin is back on the streets of New York after spending four years in prison and then being sent to ICE custody in 2021. Now the infamous con artist is under house arrest. She has a government-issued GPS monitor around her ankle after being released on October 7. Despite being out of prison, the scammer seems to have preserved her lavish lifestyle.

She now lives in an apartment in New York City’s ritzy East Village where rent is reportedly $4,250 a month, according to Page Six. This looks like an upgrade from her Orange County Detention Center cell, where she spent the past 17 months stealing approximately $275,000 from luxury hotels, associates and financial institutions. However, the question remains: How can Sorokin afford life in New York?

Anna Sorokin Age

Anna Sorokin is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

Sorokin lives on the fifth floor of her Manhattan apartment, which is decorated with a bed, two chairs, and a small table, with the rest of the space taken up by her artwork. She had made a successful exhibition in May. Additionally, the 31-year-old had been making original artwork during her time in prison, all thanks to her manager Chris Martine, who helped her obtain art supplies behind bars.

The fake German heiress paid the rent after selling her artwork for $10,000. According to the outlet, Sorokin intends to afford her luxurious New York lifestyle through her artwork. Additionally, she previously received a hefty $320,000 check from Netflix for his crime series ‘Inventing Anna’ based on her life. However, according to the scammer’s own words, all of her money went to her lawyers and her compensation for her crimes.

“That money was gone before she got out of prison,” she said. Now, although Sorokin admits that New York is expensive, she still found it “difficult” to ride the subway to meet her probation officer. She spends $160 on round-trip Uber rides since her parole. When asked if the only form of transportation is by giant SUV, Anna said, “No. I can take any form of transportation.”

Sorokin will sell her drawings of her online. Prints of her start at $250, while original pieces of her created in pencil range from $10,000 to $15,000. According to her representative, there is a long line waiting to buy the originals that she created during her time in prison.

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