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Tupac Shakur is alive! At least that is what the son of his good friend Suge J. Knight affirms as true. Knight has not only widely claimed that the rapper is alive, but also that he is working on new music. Knight’s father, Suge Knight, was with Shakur on the day of his fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996 when they left after watching a fight between Mike Tyson and Bruce Sheldon. They were on their way to a party.

Shakur was 25 years old. In the many years that have followed, Shakur has been the subject of intrigue and argument alike: his death was a favorite topic of discussion among fans 26 years later. The man making these claims, Suge J Knight, is the son of Suge Knight, was one of Shakur’s closest friends, and is the last person to see him before the shooting.

Tupac Age

Tupac is 25 years old.

Tupac  Cause of Death

He is now serving a 28-year prison sentence after being acquitted in a hit-and-run case, which he did not contest. However, Suge J Knight’s son has been making wild claims about the rapper’s (alleged) health. In the many years since Tupac’s death, Knight Jr has made many claims about how the rapper was still alive, despite his widely known death in September 1996. Later in 2019, he said that Tupac had returned to the studio and that was working on new music!

But it could just be a big hoax because, after all, Tupac’s death was well documented. It may also be because Suge J Knight was looking for some influence on the internet, which his statements indicate. “Everyone was like, ‘What’s going on?’ I went and got 200,000 followers in two days. And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s right, this is crazy.’ Germany is calling me [for interviews], and I don’t even speak German,” he said.

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