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Anna Heche was dragged into court after she was accused of failing to make payments on a debt plan. Court documents acquired by RadarOnline.com showed that Heche was sued by Citibank on March 3, 2021. The late actress reportedly owed Citibank $62,011.35 at the time the case was filed. The lawsuit said they lent the actress but she didn’t pay them back.

The bank said Heche lived in the Los Angeles home she bought with her ex Thomas Jane, whom she dated in 2019. The couple then quickly bought a $1.9 million home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Angels. Citibank subsequently notified the court in August 2021 that they reached a settlement with Heche, according to the report. The case did not move until January 2022. Citibank said Heche had breached the agreement by not making the required payments. To read about Heche’s net worth, click here.

Anna Heche Age

Anna Heche’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

“Heche has breached the payment agreement under the conditional settlement agreement,” a lawyer for the bank said. Citibank said the last payment they received was in October 2021. Heche agreed to return the $62,000 in installments as part of the deal. Under the terms of the stipulation, Heche has agreed to pay no less than $5,170 each month beginning in June 2021 followed by a final payment in May 2022.

The agreement said that Citibank had the right to demand the entire unpaid balance in full, if Heche defaulted on its payments. The lawsuit said Heche had made payments totaling $25k but still owed $36,161.35 plus $977 in court costs for an overall total of $37,138.35. Heche did not oppose the move in court.

As MEAWW previously reported, Anna Heche died a week after her car crashed into a house on August 5. She was suspected of being drunk while she was driving, but it was later discovered that she was under the influence of drugs. After suffering serious burns and injuries, the actress was declared brain dead on August 12.

Around 10:30 a.m. on the day of the accident, she had her first collision with the parking structure of an apartment building. Residents of the complex attempted to remove Heche from the vehicle after the collision. However, the actress refused to put the reverse gear and accelerated. After the first collision, a doorbell camera captured Heche’s blue Mini Cooper speeding over 90 mph past a home on South Walgrove Avenue in the Mar Vista area. She almost hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk before crashing into a Jaguar, according to TMZ.

The driver of the Jaguar was uninjured and quickly drove away again. Moments later, Heche struck a two-story building on the same block, setting both the building and her vehicle on fire. The Los Angeles Fire Department says the accident caused structural deterioration of the house after it was subjected to intense flames. LAFD said in a statement that it required 59 firefighters to extinguish the flames. The firefighters took 65 minutes in total and the house is no longer habitable. The building’s occupants were uninjured as they were in the backyard when Heche crashed into the driveway of the home.

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