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Alexis Gabe, 24, disappeared on January 26, 2022, after visiting her ex-boyfriend Marshall Jones at his home in Antioch, California. In July, the missing woman’s family found a note hinting at the possible location of her daughter’s body. Officials found a handwritten note from Gabe’s ex-boyfriend, Jones, in which he wrote instructions on where she would dispose of her body in rural Pioneer, 60 miles east of Sacramento. After the discovery, the police found bones that could have put an end to the mystery.

However, the search continues as the bones found are not Gabe’s, or any human. The Amador County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Monday, October 3, that the bones found in Pioneer did not belong to Alexis Gabe. In an email to ABC7 News, authorities clarified that a forensic anthropologist who was contacted was quick to clarify that the bones did not come from a human. So far, the bones have not been sent for DNA analysis, but animal hair was found around one of the bones. Alexis’ father, Gwyn Gabe, said Saturday, October 1, that volunteers may have found human bones in the small town of Pioneer, but the end result was different, keeping the investigation very active.

Alexis Gabe Age

Alexis Gabe is 24 years old.

Incidnet Detail

A statement posted on a Facebook page dedicated to finding Alexis Gabe read: “On 9/28/2022 we responded to a call for service involving a tipster who found a couple of small bones in the Pioneer area. There was hair from animal around one of the bones, but out of an abundance of caution, a forensic anthropologist was contacted.

The forensic anthropologist was able to quickly determine that the bones did not come from a human. We do not have any bones in our possession that are believed to be human and we have not none sent for DNA analysis. Hope this answers your questions. Another false alarm. Let’s continue the search.”

According to the outlet, Gwyn believes the $100,000 reward he is offering himself helped recruit more than 700 volunteers in the search for Alexis Gabe. Gwyn said, “They’re actively searching and that’s why we always get a tip. Every time they see something, they send us a message.”

Speaking about how he felt when he was in the place where the bones were found, Gwyn said: “Being in that area today was very heavy. It was very heavy for us.” Based on the initial investigation, police believe Jones did in fact kill Alexis and was later killed by Seattle police while trying to serve him with a warrant for his arrest in June.

In July, KTVU reported that Amador County Search and Rescue searched all of the surrounding areas on the map allegedly drawn by Jones, but were unable to find Gabe. Officials say they drained more than eight million gallons of water into a nearby pond to find her body, but could not. Gwyn said: “It’s been the hardest 5 1/2 months of our lives. We never thought we’d be in this situation.”

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