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Alex Cox, the brother of Lori Vallow, allegedly made an attempt to shoot his niece’s estranged husband in order to collect the $200,000 life insurance benefit. On October 2, 2019, while Brandon Boudreaux was returning from the gym in Gilbert, Arizona, a bullet pierced the driver’s side door of his Tesla.

Melani, Boudreaux’s then-ex-wife and the mother of his four children as well as Vallow’s niece, and he were negotiating a divorce. In an effort to murder Brandon Boudreaux, the spouse of Alex Cox’s niece During Vallow’s trial, Ryan Pillar, a detective with the Gilbert Police Department, said that Cox was responsible for the attempted homicide.

Alex Cox Age

Alex Cox is 68 years old.

Alex Cox Incident Detail

According to reports, he planned to kill Boudreaux so that Vallow could collect the life insurance benefit that would have gone to his niece. Cox reportedly passed away in 2019 while unresponsive on a lavatory floor. Natural causes were found to be his cause of death.When investigators learned the Jeep Wrangler Cox was operating had been used in another incident, according to Pillar, they came to the conclusion that Cox was the main suspect.

Cox fatally shot Charles Vallow, Vallow’s husband at the time, in Arizona that July. Cox is also thought to have attempted to shoot Tammy Daybell, who died from suffocation a few days later. Remains from a gun were discovered in the rear of Cox’s vehicle after Arizona police seized it. In addition to trying to find Cox, Pillar claimed he learned that Idaho police were also attempting to find out what had happened to Tammy Daybell and the missing children from Vallow.

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According to Pillar, who spoke to the Daily Mail, “They were able to contact Alex, Chad, and Lori, but were unable to locate the children.” When JJ and Tylee Vallow went missing in 2019, Vallow’s case gained widespread attention. Currently, Vallow is accused of killing the two kids and Tammy Daybell, the ex-wife of her fifth husband, Chad Daybell. Her children’s remains were discovered buried on Chad’s farm in 2020.

Authorities detained Vallow in February 2020 and Chad in June 2020. In connection with the deaths of JJ, Tylee, and Tammy, they were charged in late May 2021 with several counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, grand larceny by false pretences, and first-degree murder. Authorities also accused Vallow of killing Charles Vallow, his ex-husband, in July 2019 in June 2021.

Previously wed to Boudreaux, Melani is said to have had a close relationship with Lori and Charles Vallow. They even spent some time residing with the Vallow family. According to AP News, Boudreaux claimed that Melani wanted to be like her aunt.

The couple’s ten-year marriage ended in divorce in 2019. Only two days had passed since Boudreaux moved into his new rental home when he was killed. Later, the police asserted that Vallow’s plot to obtain the money from her through Melani included the shooting attempt.

In response to the Cox news, social media users expressed their opinions. Some claimed Melani should also be held liable. There hasn’t been any hard proof of Melani’s alleged involvement, despite internet speculation to the contrary. ”

And there it is… Surely this is the reason the demon Another person asked: “Ok, so how did she get it? Lori ENCOURAGED her niece Melani P. to get divorced, but also for Alex Cox to kill Brandon, for MORE MONEY in life insurance along with the full amount of the deal I think Melani was involved.” Over the past three years, Melani seemed to have escaped from a lot—and without repercussion.

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