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A family from Las Vegas is currently spending their final moments with Ian Sanchez, their six-year-old son. Ian was rendered brain dead on Monday while the family was driving home from a camping trip after colliding with a drunk driver’s car. Ian is still being kept alive because he will shortly donate his organs. He was undoubtedly the most adorable and lovely child, and he was adored by all.

Moses Sánchez talked about his son Ian. “He lost his first tooth two weeks ago and he was very happy about it,” he said.On Monday morning, as the family travelled back to Las Vegas, Ian and his 4-year-old brother were dozing off. In Murrieta, California—about 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles—the family was driving on Interstate 215 when they collided with another vehicle being driven by Isaiah F.

Ian Sanchez Age

Ian Sanchez is 19 years old.

Incident Detail

Orona, 26—who had struck a wall. The police believe the other car’s driver was under the influence of alcohol. Ian was rushed to Children’s Hospital San Diego after the fatal event, in which he suffered a brain laceration and a stroke. Ian was left brain dead despite physicians’ best efforts to stop the brain haemorrhage, and he is now kept on life support so that his organs can be given to save the lives of other children.

“I was unable to halt in time. I struck him square in the head,” Moses recounted. “Everyone except Ian has since recovered,” he told CBS. “The entire family, including Ian’s 4-year-old brother, Matthew, was hospitalised with various injuries following the accident.” He is currently pretty much brain dead.

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Moses informed FOX5 that they are currently keeping him alive so that we can say our final goodbyes. “I want people to keep in mind how stunning he was. And the joy he brought to others,” Moses said. The goal for a GoFundMe page put up by Ian’s family is $20,000, and as of right now, the website has received close to $15,000 in donations. Please allow the family the necessary time and space so that they can spend the

One piece of the page reads, “We kindly ask that you give the family the time and space they need to be together for the rest of Ian’s life here on earth with us.” Please keep Ian’s parents in your prayers and thoughts during this terrible time of need. Orona was detained at the spot and taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries; it is thought that she is to blame for the accident that left Ian in a critical condition.

Orona was detained by CHP authorities before being released from the Riverside County Jail on $50,000 bail, according to NBC Palm Springs. Orona was accused by police of making an unsafe turn in his 2020 Dodge Charger, which led to him losing control and crashing into three other cars. On June 13, she is expected to make her court appearance.

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