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Before she was indicted on accusations of poisoning and domestic abuse, the husband claims he saw his wife pour a “Drano-like” cleanser into his morning tea in an attempt to murder him. She was also allegedly abusing the couple’s children on a daily basis. Jack Chen, 53, claimed that the suspect and the suspect’s mother had abused him and his children for years at their home in Irvine, California, an Orange County suburb 45 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, in a court declaration filed in 2022 asking a judge in Southern California for custody of the kids after his wife, Yue ‘Emily’ Yu, was detained.

Steven Hittleman, Chen’s lawyer, referred to the accusations as pernicious. He claimed to Law&Crime, “She wanted him to suffer. This is simply one more instance of the domestic abuse she committed on him.According to Yu’s lawyer Scott Simmons, the circumstances leading up to the indictment occurred in the context of a dysfunctional marriage, the family’s kitchen had an ant infestation, and Chen orchestrated these circumstances in order to unfairly favour his wife in divorce proceedings.

Yue “Emily” Yu Age

Yue “Emily” Yu is 45 years old.

Yue “Emily” Yu Incident Detail

According to a statement he released, “Jack and Emily frequently used household cleaning products like Drano to combat the ant problem.” “Jack set up covert cameras to film Emily adding Drano to a glass of lemonade. She was performing this action in order to lure and destroy ants. Jack, however, made the untrue assertion that she was doing it deliberately poison him.

Drano’s powerful odour and taste, as well as the severe harm it produces right away, make it a bad choice for use as a stealth poison.Jack asserted that consuming the Drano had caused him harm. In actuality, there is no medical evidence to support Jack taking Drano. His said wounds are actually a benign GERD ailment. (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

Jack never visited the hospital’s emergency room for care, as someone who used Drano would. And he made a call to his divorce attorney rather than 911. In a domestic violence restraining order requesting custody of the kids last year, Chen summarised the abuse claims. Yu is now free on her own recognisance and is able to see the children unsupervised after a judge approved the request and permitted her to have supervised visitation with them, according to Chen’s attorney.

Chen claimed in court filings that his wife attempted to poison his hot lemonade with drain cleaner in order to murder him when he began to detect a chemical taste in the beverage in March and April 2022. He claimed that he was treated for gastritis, esophageal irritation, and two stomach ulcers. When his suspicions were aroused, he installed a nanny cam, which, according to court filings, allegedly three times captured her pulling the drain cleaner out from beneath the sink and pouring it into his drink.

One video, according to Chen, depicts him sipping his still-hot lemonade while saran-wrapping the cup. His wife then removed the drink’s plastic wrap, poured the drain cleaner into it, put the cellophane back on top, and put the drain cleaner back beneath the sink. On August 4, 2022, he informed the Irvine Police Department of the events. Chen claimed that following her detention, Yu called him from within the facility to request bail, but he declined.

The husband claimed that soon after their children in 2013 and 2014 were born, he initially started to worry about his wife’s behaviour. According to court records, Chen said that Yu and her mother, who assisted with the children’s care, were verbally and emotionally abusive. According to court records, “Emily would call me a ‘f—— a——’ and other insults.” Chen claimed that Yu dismissed him and used the kids to manipulate him into performing mundane duties.

He claimed that Emily’s parenting style, if you could call it that, was characterised by yelling, insulting, verbal abuse, beating, shoving, and tugging. Emily would lock our kids in their rooms and rage at them until they promised her they wouldn’t exhibit affection towards me if they told her they enjoyed spending time with me or showed affection for me.

Chen claimed in court filings that the mother would scream at the kids and use a Chinese expression that means “Go die!” when she was irate. According to the documents, she also called the kids names like “stupid a——,” “f—— idiot,” “your head has a problem,” “your head is sick,” and “get the f— out of my way.” One time, the mother allegedly branded the couple’s daughter “f—— stupid” as she practised the piano for a competition.

The father claimed that Chen also charged Yu with employing sleep restriction as a form of corporal punishment. He claimed that even after 11 p.m., if the kids went to sleep without her consent, she would wake them up and make them go to her room, where she would slam the door and leave them there sobbing. According to the court filings, “At the very end, sometimes she would tell the kids to get out and then slam the door behind them, making them cry outside her door.”

According to court filings, the youngsters are expected to put on a “happy face” around their mother and grandma. The youngsters are not permitted to interact with their pals a lot. He claimed that Yu would keep them “isolated in their own little bubble,” scheduling them so tightly that they had little opportunity for playdates or social interaction. In court papers, he claimed, “I am ignored and not recognised as a family member.” For fear of Emily getting upset, the kids left my name off their letters to Santa.

Yu is innocent of these ridiculous accusations, according to her divorce lawyer David Dworakowski, who told CNN that Yu “looks forward to presenting her case at trial.” Dworakowski did not respond to a request for comment from Law&Crime.Yu was detained in August before being freed on a $30,000 bond. According to the prosecution, she is charged with three felony charges of poisoning and one felony offence of domestic assault with corporal injury.

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