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A convicted rapist, who sexually assaulted a teenage girl in 2007 along with his accomplices, was eventually sent back to his country, Somalia. Yaqub Ahmed was first deported from the UK in 2018, but passengers on the plane to Turkey from Heathrow, apparently unaware of his crime, halted that effort after he started screaming. But 16 years after his arrest and five years after the first attempt, the criminal has been evicted from English soil.

According to The Sun, Conservative MP Nigel Mills expressed his delight at the news, saying: “This is very good news. It was a disgusting crime and he has no right to walk free in Britain. We need to send a strong message that criminals like this have no place in this country. Unfortunately, it will not be the only case of this type.

Yaqub Ahmed Age

Yaqub Ahmed is 29 years old.

Incident Detail

This comes years after Ahmed’s victim, who was 16 when she was gang-raped by the then-19-year-old attacker and other criminals, Adnan Mohamud, 19, Adnan Barud, 21, Ondogo Ahmed, 19, called the flyers , which blocked his deportation. At the time, the now 34-year-old had served half of his nine-year jail term.

He went on to say, “They were just people who wanted to do a good deed and be proud of themselves,” before adding, “Well, I hope everyone is proud of yourselves. How could you defend a rapist? How could you intervene? He was handcuffed, they were taking him out of the country… who are you to interfere with justice?

After the failed operation, the Home Office spokesman said: “We are determined to protect the public by expelling foreign criminals who commit criminal offences.” In addition, in 2018, the victim also described her ordeal, which she endured in 2007, the Daily Mail reported.

She reportedly said the rapists had taken her to a flat claiming her friend was there, but when she arrived she did not find anyone. nobody. She continued: “I arrived at the place and my friend was not there. They said that he had gone to the store and that he would return. They did what they did. they held me down They took turns.”

“I kept trying to reach them. That’s why they were facing me so I couldn’t get to them easily and then one of them turned me around and I grabbed him by the neck. I just felt this adrenaline. I remember just grabbing him, trying to get any part of him, trying to grab his face.

He was trying to bite and scratch, ”said the woman and also stated that the trial of her case left her devastated. She concluded: “They had four lawyers and they said horrible things to me. The things they told me confused me for years.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed’s deportation has been applauded online as one user tweeted: “Good.” Another user wrote: “I hope everyone who stopped him the first time is on the same flight!” The third user shared: “Revoke the citizenship of the passengers who stopped the flight.” “Those passengers who blocked his extradition should pay the cost of keeping him here longer,” added the fourth user.

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