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William Whitworth, a Timberview High School alumnus, is accused of plotting a school shooting. Whitworth, who the prosecution refers to as Lily, concurred that they should open fire on the school. On March 31, Whitworth was taken into custody by deputies from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

The accusations include attempted first-degree murder, criminal mischief, threats, and meddling with academic staff, instructors, or students. In Whitworth’s possession, police officers discovered a whiteboard with the layout of Timberview High School and instructions on how to make homemade bombs. The defendant is identified as a guy in the affidavit, meanwhile.

William Whitworth Age

William Whitworth is 83 years old.

Incident Detail

Whitworth’s sister, according to the New York Post, referred to Whitworth as “Lily” and called her sister her “sister.” Whitworth is now undergoing a gender transformation. Whitsworth was discovered intoxicated in bed in a room that was littered with debris and had numerous holes in the walls. The purported plan included 3D printouts and a manifesto signed by political analysts and mass murderers.

Whitworth maintained a list of those he intended to “kill.” Whitworth also targeted Prairie Hill Elementary and Pine Creek High, all of which are located in Academy School District 20. A hearing for the staggering $75,000 was scheduled for May 5. According to the law enforcement officer who interacted with the suspect, Whitworth allegedly informed him, “By the way, I’m a little drunk.”

Additionally, according to the arrest report, “Lilly was questioned how long she had been planning the school shooting and Lilly replied she is a third of the way through to do so while waiting for the fire department to arrive. Lilly confirmed that churches and Timberview High School were among the “top targets” at the moment.

When Lilly was questioned about the type of preparation she had done, she laid out the school’s layout, active firearms planning, and started a manifesto. “Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can say about a criminal case that isn’t already public knowledge from the prosecutor’s office. However, we can reassure our families that we are acting appropriately by disseminating the fact that we are permitted to do so, according to Allison Cortez, director of communication for ASD20

.She added: “And even more reassurance that while this is not the news we wanted this morning, the right things happened. Someone saw something, heard something, said something, and potentially saved people’s lives. So it worked,” according to Fox 21 News.

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