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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ‘The View’, has weighed in on the death of Tire Nichols, questioning whether or not changes in policing were necessary before watching “White People Get Beaten”. Speaking about the incident in which the 29-year-old was brutally beaten by five police officers, who died at a hospital, Goldberg argued that his comment did not incite violence, but did advocate for meaningful police reform.

Nichols’ death sparked outrage around the world after disturbing body cam footage in Memphis revealed five police officers beating the young man, electrocuting him and pepper-spraying him as she continually pleaded for her mother. Her parents also made an appearance on ‘The View’ on Monday 30th January to pay tribute to her son, who had a positive impact on everyone she knew.

Whoopi Goldberg Age

Whoopi Goldberg is 67 years old.

Incident Detail

On January 7, Nichols, a father and avid skateboarder, was arrested for alleged “reckless driving.” He was pronounced dead at a hospital three days after his brutal assault. Activists have drawn parallels between his death and the deaths of George Floyd and Elijah McClain, two black men killed by police. Goldberg asked on ‘The View’ if seeing white people beaten up by police officers would fuel the debate.

“I’m not suggesting that. So please don’t write us and tell me how racist I am. I’m just asking what it takes for people to wake up to realize this affects us all.” he allegedly said. The 67-year-old presenter called for police reform “from scratch”. He reportedly said: “Clearly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a white cop or a black cop. It’s a problem in policing itself. It seems like things don’t seem to make sense to people unless it’s someone they can feel or recognize.

Many netizens criticized Goldberg for his comments with one user tweeting: “Whoopi Goldberg just embarrassingly said on The View that ‘we need to see white people get beat up too before anyone does anything’ about the police. ABC needs to fire Whoopi.” immediately”. Another user wrote: “I sure do and we should file a class action lawsuit against her and her show.”

One user claimed: “I’ve seen videos of many white men getting hurt and killed by cops. She’s just racist and she doesn’t care unless she’s black.” Another claimed: “Probably because she draws her attention when she shows her racist face of hers.” Another person noted: “That’s totally inciting violence. Is that what she wants? Hate speech right there.

Why is that allowed? No ethics, no morality, nonsense.” “Whoopi is mad because her arteries are 99% blocked,” one disgruntled user commented.Others defended her claims, with one clarifying on Twitter: “She Stop lying! She Literally posed this as a question and immediately said ‘I’m not suggesting that’.” Another wrote: “she Said YES we need to see, we don’t need to see.” “She’s not wrong,” said a third.

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