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The divorce lawyer for the murdered Enoch woman reportedly met three times in recent weeks, one day before the murders were discovered. Chief investigative reporter Wendy Halloran spoke with James Park, Tausha Haight’s divorce attorney on Thursday.

He still had unanswered questions about the motive behind Michael Orwin Haight’s murders of his wife, his five children and his mother-in-law, before taking his own life. 2News Investigates did a deep dive for any insight into the couple’s apparent troubled marriage.

Tausha Haight Age

Tausha Haight was  78 years old.

Tausha Haight Cause of Death

As 2News reported, his wife recently filed for divorce. Park told Halloran that she “is in shock.” Records show that after nearly 20 years of marriage, Tausha Haight filed for divorce from her husband on December 21, 2022, in Fifth District Court in Cedar, Iron County.

Divorce filings are private and access is restricted. Since this divorce involves custody, parenting time, and child support because the Haights have minor children, the only divorce document that is public is a “Domestic Relations Court Order.”

It prohibits them from, among other things, engaging in “harassment, intimidation, domestic violence, or abuse against the other party or a child.” Park confirmed to Halloran that Michael was staying in the basement of the couple’s home after receiving divorce papers.

Michael Haight is listed by the State of Utah as an Allstate Insurance Agent with an office located in Cedar City. The couple also had a previous business filing, called the “Michael and Tausha Haight Management Company,” according to business documents.

News Investigates found no signs of financial trouble, but an obscure detail emerged during Thursday’s news conference. “We had been involved in some investigations with the family a couple of years before,” Enoch City Police Chief Jackson Ames said.

Court records do not show that anything was brought forward as a result of the investigations mentioned by Ames. We have reached out to see if we can obtain any police reports associated with these investigations that might shed some light on the families’ previous interactions with police.

Due to attorney-client privilege, Park couldn’t say much when 2News called him, though he did mention that he had met with Tausha on Tuesday.
“I met with her three times, the last time was this Tuesday … and answered basic questions,” Park said. “With all the information she had, there was nothing foreseeable that could have prevented what was going through her husband’s head from leading up to this.”

Park described Tausha as incredibly nice, a polite customer, and at every meeting the only thing she really cared about was her children.

She said that she never indicated that she or her children were in danger of bodily harm. According to the police, Tausha’s mother also lived in the house. Park said Michael was staying downstairs and received divorce papers on December 27.

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