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Tatiana David’s apartment complex at West Hill Circle is barely five minutes away, according to Jeffrey Uher, a regular DoorDash driver in Ithaca’s northwest. “For some reason, violence seems to be the answer to everything now in our society, no matter what it is,” Uher stated.

Tatiana David Age

Tatiana David is 30 years old.

Tatiana David Cause of Death

Tatiana David was originally taken from outside her residence by the father of her estranged kid on Wednesday morning, according to New York State Police. Additionally, she turned 34 on Wednesday.

Men, for some reason, have an attitude of “I own you, It’s mine,” Uher stated. “And when we look at it, we don’t take enough of that into account. Too many women are disadvantaged.Uher and other Ithaca neighbours.

who had hoped for a better outcome for Tatiana now feel “a great deal of sadness for it,” according to Uher. I consider the reality that a child is currently without a mother and may very well be without a father, regardless of who he is or is not.

Small recollections of seeing Tatiana and her son around their apartment complex were echoed by other neighbours. The majority of the residents who are neighbours agree that they are sad.

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