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A video of an individual, named Sydney Zarlengo (they/them), has come under fire after they gave an update on their family’s clicker training to learn their pronouns over the Thanksgiving holiday. In the footage, Zarlengo can be heard saying: “Thank you for all your love and care in my last post.

Here’s my update (sorry for the delay, my life is a mess) on how I clicker trained my family to get my correct pronouns. now that i’m a trans person”. In the Instagram video, which has more than 25,700 views, they went on to say: “First of all, a lot of people were asking me what treat I was using.

Sydney Zarlengo Age

Sydney Zarlengo’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

If you don’t know, for service dogs, when they do something we like, we click in that behavior and then we give them a treat.¬† I didn’t use it as a positive marker for my family because I’m not going to treat them for basic human decency. Instead, I used it as a negative marker. so every time they say ‘she ‘ I click so they start associating ‘she’ with ‘his’ and their head will automatically start correcting itself.”

However, the concept did not go down well with many. one person commented: “The fact that he has prosecution issues does not justify the degradation of his family. This is a violation of his right.” Another wrote: “This is absolutely nonsense. You want respect but then you treat people like this…”

Another commented saying, “Let’s treat people like dogs while they learn to adjust to a false narrative. Wow.” Another individual said: “The fact that you are forcing people to see things your way is a mental illness you have and you use a clicker. If you want to be treated as human why would you treat your closest loved ones like animals? You’re fooling others.

You’re wrong. I think you need behavioral notifications. And you live 15 seconds behind everyone, geez, now we’ve heard it all. People shouldn’t have to put up with your mental problems, especially when it’s force them to believe in how your mind thinks things should be.

According to Zarlengo’s official site, they are an actor, songwriter, media analyst, service dog trainer, and educator. They write music and make YouTube videos about their experiences as autistic, disabled, gay, and gender fluid. They completed a physical theater intensive at the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, and will receive a BA from Mount Holyoke College in 2023 with a double major in psychology and theater and a thesis in accessible theater education.

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