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Savannah Daisley Wiki – Savannah Daisley Biography

Savannah Daisley is the daughter of renowned horse breeder Ross Daisley. Ross offered to pay a surety of $10,000 to ensure she would return to court if given conditional freedom. The father is the breeder of thoroughbred racehorse Choisir, which won the prestigious Royal Ascot races in England and became an international champion.

A mother of two, Daisley is an Australian businesswoman. Her LinkedIn profile says she is the director of Nulife Cleanse Pty Ltd and was the director of The Wellness Factory Pty Ltd. She was a Naturopath/Lecturer at Golden Door Health Retreat.

She pursued her Masters in ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Health and Wellness, General’ from NLP WorldWide and got an ‘Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy’ from Australasian College of Natural Therapies. She has a bachelor’s degree in ‘Health Science, (Naturopathy)’ from University of New England Armidale.

Her bio reads, “I am passionate about helping people around the world embrace the power of health and vitality using practitioner grade, gut focused detoxification protocol with 14 Day Smart Cleanse, stress management, subconscious reprogramming with NLP, epigenetic principles, and neuroscience.” Daisley has authored two books: ’14 Day Smart Cleanse’ and the forthcoming ‘Epigenetics’.

Savannah Daisley Age

Savannah Daisley is 45 years old.

Heiress, 45, accused of having sex with 14-yr-old boy

An Australian horse heiress has been charged after she allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old boy four times in a single day. 45-year-old Savannah Daisley faced Waverley Local Court in Sydney on Tuesday, June 28, on child sex abuse allegations. Judge Jaqueline Milledge denied her bail, saying that the allegations against her were “quite disturbing”.

According to police, Daisley molested the minor four times before 5 pm on May 20 last year. However, it is unclear whether the child and Daisley knew each other before the incident. Daisley’s defense lawyer claimed that the accusations against the heiress were made “in spite”, and said that it was an “oath vs oath” case. However, prosecutor Daniel Richardson said that a police officer told him that in a recording of a phone call made by Daisley, she allegedly admitted to kissing the teen.

Meanwhile, Richardson claimed that the recording revealed that Daisley hardly had any recollection of the incident, possibly because she could have been intoxicated at the time. “But she says, ‘I thought you were going to call the police on me, I thought we had placed this in a little box and thrown it deep into the sea,’” the prosecutor told the court, according to New York Post. “[The officer’s] instruction to me was the phone call was quite damning to her. The facts are that admissions were made that were captured on telephone intercept and it is a quite serious matter.”

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