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Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead

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According to The Daily Voice, authorities in Pennsylvania claim that a mother killed her 11-year-old son by strangling him in his sleep with his father’s belt because she didn’t want him to grow up with financial difficulties. The day after police allegedly located Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead, 50, in New Jersey, where her car was discovered partially buried in the water, prosecutors filed charges against her.

According to prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the father of the victim told authorities that when he woke up on Tuesday morning, he discovered his son Matthew Whitehead dead inside the master bedroom, which had been strangely blocked. She dialled 911. At 7:06 a.m., officers from the Horsham Township Police Department arrived at the residence in the 500 block of Privet Road.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead Age

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead is 50 years old.

Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead Incident Detail

According to the prosecution, Whitehead spent the night in the master bedroom with his mother. The father reported that his wife’s black Toyota Highlander was missing from the garage, according to the authorities. Although Horsham Township is more than a half-hour’s drive from the Garden State’s southernmost point, investigators assert that they found the mother and her vehicle there.

According to Cape May, New Jersey, city manager Mike Voll, the car was discovered about 3:30 in the morning by a bystander. The wife’s SUV was discovered partially submerged in the ocean just off Beach Avenue in Cape May, New Jersey, while police were still inside the property, according to the Montgomery County DA’s office.

The vehicle was wanted in connection with a homicide in Pennsylvania when officers ran the licence plate, Voll said. According to him, the mother was discovered by Wildwood Crest police in the neighbouring city.According to reports, ligature marks were discovered on the front and rear of Matthew Whitehead’s neck.

According to Kevin Steele, the DA for Montgomery County, the man had petechiae on his eyes and facial edoema.According to investigators, she allegedly drove the Highlander into the sea at Cape May before across the street to Wildwood Crest. The family has been having financial issues, according to officials.

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