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Two young teenagers were killed when a car, allegedly driven by a 13-year-old boy, slammed into a tree over the Easter holiday in Ireland. When the car crashed on April 10 just before 6 a.m. outside of Headford, County Galway, it was carrying 14-year-olds Kirsty Bohan and Lukas Joyce. While Kristy, who was seated in the back, was brought to the hospital but passed away soon after, Lukas, who was ostensibly in the passenger seat, was slain there and then.

Both the driver and the other young girl who was seated behind Kirsty are currently receiving medical attention in a hospital. The driver’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, but the young girl was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin and was there in a bad condition. All four kids were buddies and second-year Presentation College Headford students, according to Dublin Live.

Kirsty Bohan and Lukas Joyce Age

Kirsty Bohan is 14 years old and Lukas Joyce  is 35 years old.

Kirsty Bohan and Lukas Joyce Cause of Death

The school, which is off for the Easter holiday, released a statement lamenting the loss of “two treasured members” of their neighbourhood. We pray that this awful period may bring some peace and comfort to all the families and friends of those impacted, they continued. We also pray for our school’s community so that we have the fortitude to stick together and go forward.

Please give us the time, space, and support we need as a school community to grieve. The school opened their study hall on Tuesday, April 11, from 11 am to 2 pm despite the holiday in order to support anyone who was impacted by the tragedy. They continued, “You are all quite welcome to come and enjoy a cup of tea in a friendly and secure setting.

According to local councilman Andrew Reddington, “as a community, we are all thinking of the two families who have lost their loved children.” “A gloomy cloud is looming over the Headford neighbourhood. Everyone is praying for the families of the young people who died last night and is thinking of their Everyone is praying for the patients who are in hospitals and thinking of the families of the young people who died last night.

Community members will come together to help the families, but we respectfully ask that they give them space to mourn the loss of their children. The collision that occurred at around 5.45 am on the L6127 at Glennagarraun in the Ballyfruit neighbourhood of Headford, County Galway, is being investigated, according to Gardai.

A spokeswoman told Daily Mail that the single vehicle involved in the crash contained two boys and two girls, all of whom were still in their early teens, as its four occupants. “One youngster was identified as dead on the spot. The other three passengers were transported to University Hospital Galway, where a girl was later declared dead. The other passengers are still being treated for their injuries at University Hospital Galway.

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